I am NOT too old to go out anymore!!!

How many times have you had a tad too much to drink and promised yourself that was the last time you were ever going to do that again? Probably enough times that you could have sworn that you really mean it this time...don't beat yourself up the next morning trying to figure out how it happened AGAIN. Just pop open a can of Code Blue and move on with your day. Its all natural formula actually speeds the recovery process by replenishing vital nutrients, removing harmful toxins and reducing inflammation. Code Blue contains no caffeine and is low in sugar (only 40 calories per serving).

Don't make resolutions you can't keep...just stock up on Code Blue and enjoy the holidays!

For a limited time, Code Blue is offering an amazing "Buy One, Get One Free" special when you order a case. This offer will disappear faster than you can say "hangover, what hangover?"...so act fast! To take advantage of this offer: click here, add a minimum of two cases to your cart and enter the password holiday to receive your discount.


Mother does know best!

I have previously mentioned that I love Ziploc bags. I also enjoy teasing my mother (just a tad). After pretending to listen to the latest thing she learned from Dr. Oz, I decided to humor her and check out the show. Wouldn't you know it, but the day I checked out he was talking about germs!?!? And I actually learned a good tip to use when traveling...

Experts recommend using a Ziploc bag as a makeshift glove when handling the remote or using a chlorine antibacterial wipe and wiping down every button, crack, and crevice, spending extra time on the power button, which is touched the most.

I don't so love the idea of cleaning every nook and cranny of the remote, but I think using a Ziploc bag is a great idea! In fact, I even tried it on my recent trip to Arizona...with my mother, natch...


1500 books weighs less than a pound

I didn't totally "get" the Kindle. I've heard the rave reviews from friends (including trustworthy book lovers) and even played around with one earlier this year. However, I did not fully appreciate its greatness. Until now. Amazon.com lowered the price...I scooped one up and love it! I was somewhat skeptical because I love paper and the feel of a book in my hand. I got over that quickly as I realized how much easier it is to read a book on a 10.2 ounce device than it is to carry around a 2+ pound hardback. I will still buy actual books, but the Kindle is going to really help me manage my overflowing bookcases.


No more birthday suits, please!

I visited 29 Spa this week-end; my massage was fantastic and I wanted to live in the spa...really amazing place!

I have visited a few nice spas in my life, but 29 offered me something I have never seen before...a disposable bathing suit...brilliant idea! Why didn't I think of that? And, why doesn't every spa offer disposable suits? I would much rather see a spa full of people wearing this suit than the invisible one that is "worn" in far too many spa locker rooms (in my humble opinion)...trust me - this suit is more flattering!


Trading Kelly

A little background information...years ago, my mother told my sister and me about her friend Kelly. We later learned Kelly was closer to our age than to hers. So, my sister did what any good daughter would do and stole Kelly away from my mom. Now, I am on a mission to steal Kelly away from my sister! Kelly knows things and I like people who know things. For example, this week-end, Kelly told me about One Kings Lane. It is another private shopping club like Gilt Groupe, HauteLook, Rue la la or ideeli; however, I had not yet heard of the site. And, as an added bonus, hearing Kelly and me bond over shopping made my sister quite nervous!!!


Not even close!

According to Wikipedia, Jujyfruits closely resemble Winegums. Really? My sister brought Winegums back from South Africa and after eating at least a whole package this week-end, I can safely say Jujyfruits are third-rate. At best. If only I could find them in the States...