A little bit about me?

I have learned a few good habits as well as a few bad habits from my little sister. One thing I am desperately trying to learn from her is to adopt just a little bit of her "It's All About Me" mantra. I think this calendar will serve as a good daily reminder for me.


Joe-Joe's win it

My nephews and I did an unofficial (and quite unscientific) taste test this week-end. We compared the candy cane cookies from Oreo to the ones from Trader Joe's.

We liked the appearance of the Oreo cookies - half red and half white cream, but thought the Joe-Joe's from Trader Joe's were much more tasty! That was it...no blindfolds...no clearing of the palate...just two cookies side by side. We unanimously agreed on the Trader Joe's cookies!


Holiday time = family time

Lots of family time = lots of talking. And, usually about super fun topics like your dating life or plans for having children. Unless you are in my family. I'm pretty sure my mother will use the opportunity to tell us everything she has learned from Dr. Oz. She's slightly obsessed...she even takes notes from his show! I think I'll bring the Table Topics Family Gathering Edition cards to her house. Or, at least some of the sample cards from their site.


Excess baggage

After living in New York, I learned to live out of my handbag. I carried everything with me that I could possibly need over the next twelve hours...and anything else I could fit in there. Although I no longer live in New York, my handbag still weighs a ton. And, I am really beginning to warm up to the idea of a clutch that can serve as a wallet or small purse. So far, my top choice is the Hobo International Eden Clutch. I like it in black, but it also comes in lots of other fun colors.


Color me!

I've been a tad into coloring lately...I'm not obsessed, but I do want to play around with Crayola's Lights, Camera, Color application. You can upload your pictures and turn them into coloring pages. You can even add special backgrounds, props and phrases. How cool is that? You need a code to print out the pages, but you can find it in specially-marked Crayola boxes (48, 64, 96, 120-ct. as well as the 150-ct. tower). I believe you can try it out for one day with this code: PRT77F3S.


Clean up, clean up...everybody, everywhere...

Word on the street (aka my cousins Debra and Laura), Formula 409 Natural Stone Cleaner is the hottest new cleaning product. I have been using a very mild soap on mine and have not been so in love with the results. "They" say this stuff is awesome - cleans well with no streaks. Apparently, it is very difficult to find in stores. It sounds like my cousins have been hoarding it!


Oh so mighty

I love Mighty Leaf tea. And, I'm not ashamed to admit that I initially fell in love with it because of the silk pouch. It just looks so luxurious. However, after trying several varieties, I know it is more than just appearance...this is great tea! My new favorite flavor is the Ginger Twist. I like it with a bit of honey, but my co-workers tell me it is good enough to drink without adding anything to it.


Hello everybodeeeeeeeee!

Sesame Street is celebrating its 40th birthday today. For a stroll down memory lane, you can purchase the commemorative DVD, Sesame Street: 40 Years of Sunny Days. You can also vote for your favorite episode on the Sesame Street site.


Shopping comes from the mother's side

My friends Gennye and Matthew have a new baby girl, Bess. While it doesn't sounds like Bess inherited her mother's ability to sleep through the night, it does sound like she learned to shop from her mother. Bess picked out really cute (and sturdy) furniture from Room & Board. It is quite practical too...she will still be using this dresser when her mother teaches her how to fall asleep while pointing a remote control at the tv.