I feel like Navin Johnson

Things are really going to start happening now! I went to the grocery store last night and found two items that are going to change my life.

Jet-Dry. I know this isn't new, but I did not realize how well it really works. It really does help your dishes become completely dry!

My other big find involves Crystal Light. I'm a big fan of the "on the go" packets because I prefer my lemonade a bit diluted. The individual packs make this pretty easy. It is so much easier than guessing how much of the round tub to add to achieve desired the ratio of water to powder. Imagine my surprise when I discovered Crystal Light's new packaging. The 2 quart servings are now available in packets similar to the individual packs! And, the whole container is kind of oval shaped instead of round. This find put a smile on my face last night when I found it at the grocery store. The cashier ringing up my purchase noticed the new packaging and thought it was pretty cool too. Ahhh...the little things that make us smile...