Through rose colored lenses

I know I can't pull these off at my age, but I so wish I could...I loved these sunglasses when I was a little girl...


Fun and functional

Who doesn't need a Lego camera? I have no idea what the pictures would look like, but it is too cute! You probably have a better "shot" at getting your kids to smile for this camera than your fancy SLR one, right?


When they`re good, they`re very very good.

It happens...your kid is the one that bites...or pushes...or takes toys. All kids have their "naughty" days and all parents get slightly embarrassed. Tan-je-reen Design has created a card to make the situation slightly less uncomfortable.


Shake, shake, shake, Senora

For everything from nutrition drinks to lump-free gravy, the BlenderBottle® will not disappoint. It is so easy to use...drop the steel ball into a cup and it does the whisking for you!


Design time

Avery's Signature Custom Binders are almost too much for a paper geek like me to handle...my love of paper is only slightly greater than my love for personalized items. I can't wait to start designing mine!


"Take some more tea," the March Hare said to Alice very earnestly.

Coffee on the go is so last year. All the hipsters this year are going to be drinking tea on the go. Mighty Leaf's Tea Top Brew Mug is so great. You thread the tea tag through the lid and pull it up into the domed area when it is done brewing. Perfect tea every time!


Bye bye Mr. Coffee

I appreciate the simplicity of the design of Chemex Coffeemaker. "They" say it produces an excellent cup of coffee. And, it looks much more attractive on the counter than a big electronic contraption!


My idea of cleaning

I know I can't really clean my entire house with Slipper Genies, but oh if I could...I would love to wear these on my hands and feet all the time and never need to dust again!


Pete and Repeat

I didn't think I would see two kids look more adorable than my sister and I did when we were busy sporting our Wonder Woman Underoos. And we were pretty cute...or so I thought. Until I saw my nephews in their Spiderman Underoos. Precious!


If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops

It is raining today and, as usual, I have my trusty black umbrella. I am kind of thinking it is time to become a bit more adventurous with my rain gear. I don't necessarily want to walk around with an umbrella that looks like a big sunflower, but these Marimekko ones are pretty cute!


Super skirt

I stole borrowed this skirt (in black) from my mother a few years ago and received so many compliments on it that I finally had to get one for myself. It is super comfortable and the perfect skirt to pack for a trip - it is already "wrinkled"! I've tried a few other XCVI skirts too and have been pleased with all of them. They do stretch out a bit, so order it smaller than your usual size.