Hassle free vacation

I am home from the beach and was thinking about how much planning and shopping parents must do before taking a vacation. It doesn't seem like a very relaxing way to travel. And, now that airlines are charging so much to check your bags, it may not be cost effective to pack everything your kids will need on your big vacation. Jet Set Babies will do all of your shopping and make sure your supplies arrive at your destination. You can also rent all of the gear you will need from a baby equipment rental company. It seems like a brilliant way to thoroughly enjoy your vacation!


Double-edged sword

In this economic climate, I am thankful not only to have a job, but to have a job that I enjoy and that is actually keeping me very busy. Slight problem though...my full-time job is so busy that it is getting in the way of my ferret job. I'm just too tired when I get home to write about the cool things I have found.

So, I'm going to the beach for a much needed vacation and will be back to blogging again soon...have a great week!


Don't wake the kids

Do you ever see toys that kids love, but adults may love even more? I see it all the time with my nephews toys...I've even rediscovered how much I love coloring, swinging and going down the slide! I can't explain why (the concept is so simple) but Rocket Balloons are awesome. My nephew received them as a gift a few months ago and loves it; however, my sister and brother-in-law really love it and have spent many an evening watching balloons fly around the living room. Blowing up balloons with a pump and chasing after it sounds silly, but it is so entertaining. Trust me. Big fun!


Not quite ready

I really want to get rid of my home phone. I'm old enough to still think I must have a land line, but young enough to know I could get by with just a cell phone. I only answer my phone at home if I am expecting the call. The only messages I receive at home are collection calls for someone named Elizabeth Martin (not me). So, I'm really thinking about cutting the cord. I would just use my cell phone and could get something fun like this Novophone Retro Phone Handset if I feel nostalgic.


40 years since Woodstock!

They are too young to know what it was and it is likely their parents are too young to have been there...but, what toddler wouldn't look adorable in this Woodstock tee!?!?


Nicole can visit anytime!

My friend Nicole visited with me a few weeks ago and I so loved her Teva sandals that I mentioned them on my blog. Well...she just sent me a more "hip" pair of Teva sandals (her words, not mine) as a thank you for letting her stay with me. It was totally not necessary, but much appreciated! They are really cute and sooooooooo comfy!


Party Time!

My friend Susann's mother-in-law found the cutest party decorations. Photofetti! Confetti made from your own pictures. Brilliant. It would also be cute in a gift basket, for a baby shower, at a corporate event...or even to throw at a bride and groom.


Water, water, everywhere,

Nor any drop to drink. Disposable water bottles are out and plastic bottles are bad for us (and the environment). Responsible citizens have begun using aluminum water bottles. I am still partial to the SIGG bottles, but found these cute personalized ones at Garnet Hill. I know they are "supposed" to be for kids, but I kind of want one for myself.


Big boy school

My nephew is starting kindergarten next week. Like mothers across the country, my sister is stressing out about his 1st day of school outfit. I really wish school still started in the fall. He would look so cute in this Extreme Sports T-shirt.


Salt and Pepa's here, and we're in effect

I can't explain my preoccupation with salt and pepper shakers. I don't have a collection of them - I only have one set and they are old aluminum Kromex set. In spite of that, I am drawn to them. My latest fascination is this Saltside Out Shaker. It is almost as much fun as the Hopside Down Beer Glass.