Good catch Laura

My cousin Laura asked me if I have ever featured Moleskin on my blog. I am fond of (giant understatement) paper and am in love with the the newish Moleskin Volant notebooks; however, I don't think I have ever mentioned my slight obsession with them. The horror! How have I failed to gush about such great paper? And, in such fun colors?


All about me

I love this site, but I think I love this shirt even more!


What about the flying ninjas?

I learned yesterday that my two favorite online shopping destinations are getting married. Well, one bought the other...Anyway, I love Zappos.com because they have a great selection and they ship shoes so fast. I mean - really fast - like they have conquered time travel.

Amazon.com has an equally great selection, but they ship slooowwly (unless you pay more for faster shipping).

So, I'm excited about the expanded product options, but I'm a tad worried about the shipping thing. Ordering shoes and having them show up the very next day is the best part of shopping from Zappos.com.


Match to all outfits

My friend Nicole wears these Teva sandals every day; she has a pair in every color. She has problems with her feet and swears by these. How convenient it must be for her to pick up a "two pack" from Zappos.com!


Slip slidin' away

My sister and I had so much fun last week-end doing the Slip‘N Slide with my nephew. It is a little scary when you are not close to the ground like you were when you were a kid, but still tons of fun. Be careful though...you will be a bit sore the next day!


Need more cherries

Knowing how much I love rainier cherries, my cousin Laura informed me that Costco has a big container of them...at much more affordable prices than the grocery store. And, she said the quality was excellent!

[subliminal hint] Mom - if you are reading this - I would sooooo love it if you bought some for me!


Payback works both ways!

If you must know, Nicole and I kind of giggled all over Atlanta this week-end. We loved the cards I mentioned yesterday and we fell on the floor laughing at these Karma Checks. Good Karma Checks are intended for acknowledging positive moments (receiving an unsolicited favor, having an excellent conversation with a stranger), while Bad Karma Checks are for admonishing bad behavior (talking loudly on a cell phone in a public place, stealing a parking spot). I so wish I had these with me all the time...and the nerve to use them!


Guaranteed laughter

At a discount too! Whimsy Press is offering 60% off all products with the discount code 2009. My friend Nicole and I spent hours hysterically laughing at these cards...really laughing - loud and very public snorting sounds. And, the cards were so funny we didn't even care!

Save Up to 60% at the Summer Savings Private Sale.


If Boden had been around when I was a kid...

...I'm pretty sure this tee is what I would have worn every day! And I was kind of into matching outfits, so it is likely I would have worn it with these Pedal Pushers!

Amazon Kindle...on sale!


It must be July

Some people mark the change of seasons by things like flowers popping out of the ground or snow falling on the ground. I'm always hot, so it is practically summer all year long for me. But when I get my first glimpse of rainier cherries, I know it really is summer...and that I'm going to spend a fortune on cherries for the next month. They are crazy expensive (for a cherry, that is) but so delicious! Don't wait too long to buy them though...they are generally only available in July (although you can occasionally find some late June or early August too).


Bookmark this link

Does your sunscreen work? Surprisingly, 3 of 5 brand-name sunscreens either don’t protect skin from sun damage or contain hazardous chemicals — or both. An Environmental Working Group investigation of 1,581 sunscreens rates the season’s best — and worst. The 1-page printable report has a list of the best easy to find sunscreen as well as top sunscreen tips.

Be sure to check out the recommendations for children. You may be surprised to see some recognizable names listed as worst sunscreen for babies: Huggies Little Swimmers sunscreen, Coppertone Water Babies Quick Cover Lotion Spray, and Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion.


I've officially seen it all

Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest is in its 94th year. Although I'm sure people have been doing this for years, it is the first time I've seen it...people are placing bets on the contest! Seriously??? Don't get me wrong - I watch it every year, but betting on it? Check out the action at noon on ESPN. FYI - to balance the excess of the contest, Nathan's plans to give 100,000 hot dogs to the Food Bank for New York City.