Giving in

I'm either tired of hearing the hype about the Clarisonic Skin Care System face brush or I am impressed by the results I've seen amongst my friends. Regardless, I am going to bite the bullet and get one for myself. My skin should be glowing in no time!


Will not cost a dime

But, playing around with Awkward Family Photos will cost several hours of laughter...



I will not try to pretend he was a perfect human being, but he was one of the most talented entertainers of our time...


We had brownies for breakfast!

My friend Tanya told me about the "one bowl brownie" recipe on the back of Baker's Unsweetened chocolate squares. Super easy to make...even with my nephews! We made some this week-end, and as a good Tia, I let them eat one in the morning (before they ate their oatmeal). When they saw their parents, they couldn't wait to tell them about eating brownies for breakfast. So much fun being an aunt!


Secret Agent

I have been deliberate about working on having less things instead of more; however, this Russian Book Spy Camera looks like a fun toy to have...


Get me out of here

My mother "visits" exotic destinations every morning with coffee mugs collected from years of worldwide adventures. I haven't been drinking so much coffee lately; I've been trying to drink more water. However, I think I may borrow her idea and use these plastic cups to get away from the real world.


My favorite piece of mail

I received the best and worst mail this week. The latest issue of Real Simple arrived and so did a letter informing me that my subscription was about to run out! I am not crafty and I do not cook, but I love my Real Simple. My sister and I used to give each other a subscription every year (until she had kids and no time for magazines); I stopped getting it for a while and restarted my subscription last year. I quickly realized why I loved it in the first place. It is the best magazine. Ever. I wonder if I could get a lifetime subscription to it.


A little reminder

I love to-do lists. In fact, I rely on them! Everyone once in a while, I remember why I love need them. Because I forget everything if I don't write it down...as evidenced by my forgetfulness about posting this week...

So sorry; however, I will be getting this to-do list and promise to be more diligent!


Snacky snacks

I, like many people, do not eat enough fruit. It's not that I don't like fruit - I love it. It's the washing and chopping part that I don't love. When I was at Miraval, I found a great fruit snack called Sensible Foods. I've only tried the Cherry Berry, but I love it! It is all-natural, has no fat, gluten or GMO (genetically modified organism - I had to look it up), no preservatives and each pouch equal to 1/2-cup fresh fruit. Good stuff!


Funky Monkey

I've found a way to "up the ante" on the super special chocolate chip pancakes I make for my nephews.  But, now I have to decide which spatula I like better - the monkey or lion.  


Monday morning...a little easier

Monday morning is always rough. Even if I got tons of rest during the week-end. Something about drinking coffee out of this mug seems to make starting the week of a tiny bit better...maybe?