I'm not kidding. The Scripps National Spelling Bee is the most compelling television I've ever watched. The preliminaries begin today, but the television coverage does not begin until Thursday - during the day on ESPN for the semifinals and then on ABC for the finals in the evening. Seriously...set your DVR now! If you don't believe me - check out ESPN's "Best of the Bee".


My nephew is graduating today

From preschool.  Cute right? He'll be in kindergarten next year...my poor sister is going to be a crying mess today.  Her boys are growing up so fast!


24 ended last night...

...and you can already buy the entire Season Seven on DVD today! I guess that is one good thing to come out of the writers' strike.


Simplify me

Last week, I had a conversation with my friend Nicole about the Kindle. It seems like a great idea for beach reads, but what about the books we want need to own? I have known Nicole since I was 3 and we have always shared a love of and for books. Fast forward to this week-end; we spent Sunday morning on the phone catching up while also purging our overflowing bookshelves. It was painful at first, but Nicole "talked me through it" and the de-cluttering process felt great. I even did a little Googling and found this blog about getting rid of clutter...one day at a time. I don't think I'm going to write about the process, but I am going to commit to the challenge!


I know...a knife works just as well

And is cheaper...as most people own a set of cutlery. Or at least have a plastic wrapped set from take-out. But, I still love this crust cutter; it gets rid of the crust in one smooth motion. It is $3.95 - think of how much time and energy you will save over the years by reducing the number of steps it takes to remove the crust from your sandwiches.  It's a no brainer, right?


No more scratches

I drop my BlackBerry all the time. The back cover comes off...the battery pops out...it takes a while to reboot. After looking at all of the scratches on my phone, I realized it was time to get a hard case. My Otterbox Defender Case arrived on the same day that I dropped it for the gazillionth time. Phew! The case is pretty awesome. It is not lightweight at all. In fact, my BlackBerry is much more bulky now. However, it has a hard cover with a silicone shell and fits into a holster! It also comes with a clear membrane to cover the screen and keyboard, but I didn't love the keys being covered. I've seen lots of cases and think this one is pretty great. They also sell a version for the iPhone; it looks pretty good too.


Flippies...three ways!

The cute sandals I loved last year have reappeared this year.  And, in two new very affordable versions.  If you like Dolce Vita's Olive Raja but were looking for a super bargain, check out the options at Old Navy or Target. All three varieties are cute and comfortable!


Little Miss Grumpy

After going to work cranky yesterday, I'm sure my colleagues would appreciate if we had a Daily Mood Flip Chart in the office.


What would Wyatt say?

I'm still on a high from my Miraval trip.  The Equine Experience with Wyatt Webb was the best part.  And, I loved his book It's Not About the Horse.  Inspirational, but not over the top...love it!