I knew her when she was just a real person

My nephews are going to think I am the coolest aunt when I tell them I know someone who is going to be on WordWorld.  My friend Mirm is going to be the voice of Caterpillar on the popular Emmy award-winning PBS show.  WordWorld is an awesome show - tons of fun for kids to help them learn to "build a word".  Check the site for your local listings and be sure to set your DVR to record her big debut "Duck Saves Spider's Web; Caterpillar Gets a Home".


They even look healthier

Have you seen the newly redesigned bags for Frito-Lay's Baked! line of chips? I really like the new look and feel of them...they taste the same, but they look much better!


My own ferret mission

I have been searching high and low for something to hang over my bathroom door to keep my hair dryer off the floor or out of the sink.  I have been to The Container Store a zillion times to try and create what I was looking for with no luck.  I thought I was going to give up until I found Kangaroom's Over-The-Door Organizer. They actually had exactly what I was trying to find.  I love it...and, I can finally use my sink again now that it is not full of brushes and combs!


Brushing on the go

I have seen the Colgate Wisp Disposable Toothbrush in a few magazines, but haven't tried them yet.  The operative word being yet.  I know they might be considered an extravagance in this economy, but clean teeth and fresh breath are never extravagant. And, so much better than carrying around your toothbrush in a travel box!


Could have been a millionaire

My cousin Nancy came up with an idea for a brownie slicer years ago...having a full-time job and two kids kept her from implementing, but I was going to "borrow" her idea, run with it and give her a portion of the profits...looks like we were too late.  


Crayola in the City

I did not remember how much fun coloring was until I pulled out the coloring books with my nephews. It is actually kind of relaxing. But, one can only color The Backyardigans a few times before feeling the need for something a bit more challenging. That's why I love Taro Gomi's giant coloring and drawing books. Scribbles and Doodles are awesome! They are for ages 0 - 99, but I think they are really for adults. Check them out...they are big fun!


Feel good purchase

My cousin Beth told me about the really cool thing TOMS Shoes does with their One for One program.  For every shoe you purchase, they give a pair of shoes to a child in need.  Check out their Friends of TOMS site if you are interested in participating in a shoe drop.  Pretty cool, right?


Endless.com Sale

Dinner time

My new favorite housewares company, the Australian company Maxwell & Williams, has the cutest silverware set for kids.  It is really cute and is perfect to use before your child is ready to move to "grown up" flatware.  You can't buy it directly from their site, but I did find a place to get it online.


New shoes for me!

I have been looking and looking and looking for a new pair of flats. I keep coming back to the classic French Sole - Sloop.  Cute and comfortable...a no brainer!


I don't get it

I've heard great things about PROBAR Nutrition bars.  They have won a few awards and were on my "list to try".  I picked up a few this week-end at Whole Foods.  Clearly I am missing something! I have tried lots of nutrition bars and can pretty much stomach anything, but these were inedible.  Ugh! I had to spit it out and brush my teeth.  Twice.  Please tell me if you disagree, but they taste like soap to me...


Creating a Nation of Readers

The Big Read...inspiring people across the country to pick up a good book. Listen to radio programs, watch video profiles, and read brief essays about classic authors.


Economic Survival Help

This keychain flask is perfect to have on hand because you just never know when you may need a little "pick me up"...