I finally did it!

I wrote about reusable shopping bags almost an entire year ago, but have not been so great about actually doing it...you know - going into the grocery store and coming out with NO plastic bags. I had two bags - not enough to carry all of my groceries - so, I did not use them as often as I would like. I recently ordered a set of bags from Baggu - with the storage sack and took them to the grocery store last night. I kind of felt like a dork and super cool at the same time. It did take a little bit longer to bag my groceries than it normally would, but it only took THREE bags. I'm sure I would have come home with at least 10 plastic bags - with a few of them double bagged, I'm sure. Baggu bags are awesome! They are very lightweight, but hold so much. They are designed to sit flat on the bottom, but also fold them to almost nothing. They offer tons of color choices and they are washable. I will tell you that the site is a bit slow, but totally worth dealing with to get these great bags.


Must. Try. Now.

Do you ever see or hear about a product and know that you are going to love it? Without reading a review or really knowing much about it at all...

That is how I feel about Stila's Pomegranate Crush Lip & Cheek Stain. I love Stila...I love pomegranate...and, I love lip stains...what's not to love?



My friend Pauline turned me on to Kobo candles and I am hooked. Each candle is hand poured with soy wax and lead free cotton wicks. It is a really great hostess gift too - the glass candles come in a really nice package and they have included long reach matches too! I love the fragrances, but the matches really won me over.
And, did I mention how delicious they smell???


Smart grocery shopper

Eat This Not That! has a new version of their popular food guides.  This one follows the same format with big colorful photos of popular food choices; however, this one is designed to hep you at the supermarket.  It really is amazing.  To quote my colleague Nicole, "I love this book and was so surprised to find out that some of the healthy foods I have been eating really aren't so healthy and have enough sodium for an entire week"...Nicole eats super healthy and is very knowledgeable about nutrition...just think what the rest of us can learn.  It really will shock you!


Boden's spring line is here

And, their tees are cute as ever.  They updated their popular bulls eye t-shirt from a few seasons ago and it looks really cute.  I can't wait to see my nephews in the new designs.


Big problem!

I do understand that the world is in the worst financial crisis ever and wars are going on all around us...in such times, people (me) turn to entertainment as an escape more than ever. So, my big dilemma this week is what to watch on Sunday night. The Golden Globes or 24? The Golden Globes is supposed to be "bigger and better than ever" since the ceremony last year was affected by the writers' strike. But, 24 was also affected by the strike and is airing a 2 night/4 hour premiere. I've been thinking about Jack Bauer ever since Fox teased me with their 2 hour Redemption movie. Hmm...what to do? Thank goodness I have TiVo and can record both!


Saturday morning treat

I love making breakfast with my nephews on the week-ends. We usually make chocolate chip pancakes and these plates are correct...pancakes really do make people happy!


I need want this!

Custom Sharpie markers...so fun! Not necessary, I know, but it will keep people from stealing my pens!


Lipstain for dummies

I love lip stains, but hate how they dry out my lips. And, that is only if I have been successful at actually getting the stain on my lips - not always so easy with a thick brush! That's why I am loving Bella IL Fiore's Double Agent Lip Tint. If you can use a Sharpie marker, you can use this lip tint. It's that easy...and, it doesn't dry out your lips. I got the wrong color the first time around (minor color fiasco) but fell in love with it once I got the right one...


My sister...the trendsetter?

Apparently, slippers are going to be huge in 2009. My sister, who generally relies on me for fashion advice, already has a pair of Ugg slippers. I have resisted getting a pair for year, but tried hers on and I may be forced to change my mind...they are so comfortable. I mean really comfortable...I can see why people wear these slippers outside of the house. I kind of like the silver ones...


The answer to any gift question...

...is Vanity Fair: The Portraits: A Century of Iconic Images. It is the most amazing book and Amazon.com has it on sale for such a great price. Give it to anyone you know...they will definitely thank you...just don't forget to buy one for yourself too or else you will have extreme gift envy!


Like finding an old friend

I forgot how much I love Neutrogena products.  I recently purchased the sesame body oil and remembered how great it is; I apply it after showering, but before my skin is dry. It is very lightweight...not heavy enough to use alone if you require an intensive body moisturizer, but perfect for the days when you are too lazy to apply any lotion...