She shoots and she scores!

I keep thinking of basketball and baseball references to describe how well I did with my nephew's Hanukkah gift. I bought him Football Guys and he loves it...I mean really loves it! He has already played with it for TWO straight hours! I really knocked it out of the park, didn't I? It is a great way for kids to learn about sports and, because it has no bells or whistles, use their imagination. It is available in red vs. blue, green vs. black or a few select college editions. Kaskey Kids also sells Baseball Guys, Hockey Guys and Soccer Girls or Guys.


File under...

...W for Why? I love bacon and I love to floss, but bacon flavored floss??? I can kind of see buying it as a gag gift, but do people really use it? It seems like after using bacon floss, you might feel the need to floss...you know - to get rid of the bacon taste...


Five more minutes, please!

My Friend Kelly (that is actually her whole name - not Kelly - it is My Friend Kelly), found a really neat night light for kids. The Good Nite Lite is a pretty cool idea. When the moon is illuminated, it is time for bed and you stay in bed until it changes to display the sun. Of course it requires some behavior modification, but with proper instruction, you can teach your kids that they are not supposed to get up and out of bed until the sun is up...and, parents can sleep later than 6AM.


What bill?

My sister is not exactly what you would call organized...unless we're talking about Excel spreadsheets - she can fill out a spreadsheet like no one I know, but at home...well, let's just say she gets a lot of mail. Her friend Jodi and I spent an hour or so last week-end trying to help her figure out what to do with her mail. We sort of created something like this Mail.sorter box, but this would have been so much easier.


What on Earth

I know we are all supposed to be helping the environment by cutting down on the number of catalogs we receive, but the What on Earth catalog is an absolute must have. My sister and I spent hours pouring over every page and laughing hysterically over the items for sale. It is kind of a more highbrow (yet still lowbrow enough to be fun) version of Spencer's Gifts. Trust me...it is awesome!



After coveting every MacBook I saw for an entire year, I gave in and bought one. And, I love it. I mean really love it. It is so light and fast and gorgeous. My friend Kailey thinks I should give it some sexy name. I am generally opposed to naming inanimate objects, but this thing is so sexy...I'm thinking Francisco...