Too late?

This tee is so perfect for that kind of family...you know the ones - with the Christmas sweaters or the decorations for every holiday (including the ones you've never heard of). In other words, a family like mine! We decorate for everything and I'm pretty sure my mom would wear a Thanksgiving shirt. I know my sister would dress her kids in one. If you want one for your family, they have lots of style options for kids and adults.

Thanks so much to my friend Sheri for reminding me to post this!


It's a rainy day in Atlanta...

...and I'm trying to decide if I could shrink my foot down to fit into these adorable Rain Boots. I don't know how cute it would be to see a grown woman running around and jumping in puddles, but it sure would be fun...


2009 already?

As we get closer and closer to another year, I begin my annual tradition of over analyzing calendars and trying to pick the perfect datebook. I haven't found the perfect one yet, but I'm thinking about this one for 2009. It has cool things like different colors for each page, color coded tabs and extra pages at the back. I'm not totally committed to this one, but it is the leading contender...so far...


Trendy Toes

I absolutely adore my nephews, but when I see things like these super cute mocs, I wish I had a niece to spoil too...I love these metallic moccasins...soooo cute!



A better Pop-Tart

I have been eating Fiber One cereal for years and love it - especially mixed in with yogurt. My colleague Nicole grinds it up and uses it to make "fried" chicken and onion rings, but my cooking skills are not advanced enough to attempt that. I'm a big fan of easy...so, I have loved some of the new products Fiber One has created in the last few years. The yogurt is great, the bars are delicious (personal favorite is oats & chocolate) and the new toaster pastries are fantastic! I have tried blueberry, chocolate and brown sugar cinnamon. The chocolate one was my least favorite and I probably would not buy that one again, but would (and have) bought the others more than once. Like Pop-Tarts, they are still a treat with roughly the same amount of calories, but they have much more fiber and protein and offer an excellent alternative to the old standby.