The Redcoats are coming

Ok - so I'm not exactly Paul Revere and I'm not exactly warning you about the British, but my friend Susann did ask me to alert everyone that Mallomars have been spotted in Atlanta!!! Ahhhh - nothing like the first Mallomar of the season...


Twilight update

I finished reading the rest of the books this week-end. They are definitely not Shakespeare - they are probably not even Buffy The Vampire Slayer...yet I really enjoyed the escape. The first book is the best in the series and the covers are better than the books, but they were quite entertaining...just remember that they are a young adult series and a totally guilty pleasure.

Hiho Batik just got better

You can now order Hiho Batik tees from their site. Check out their super cool new website to see for yourself!



I love The Land of Nod...I really do, but we are in the middle of the worst financial crisis anyone has ever seen and The Land of Nod is selling a cardboard box for almost $100?!?! It is $89 and I rounded up, but still you get the idea...


Free to Be turns 35

35 years and stands the test of time - I think it is even more relevant now...Free to Be...You and Me has been released in an updated hardcover edition...same great songs...new illustrations. Ahhhh...nostalgia...


Fun favors...improved

I love ordering personalized M&M's. They are a bit pricey, but lots of fun. They are even more fun now...you can now order M&M's with faces! I am soooo going to order these for my nephews. I think they will really get a kick out of seeing their faces on candy. And, for a good "time waster", check out the Candy Lab. You can upload a face to an M&M and get it to talk or sing.


Don't worry Target...I still love you...

The Design for All collections at Target have been a tremendous success for some designers like Isaac Mizrahi, Sonia Kashuk and Michael Graves. Some of their other partnerships (e.g. botkier) have not fared as well. So, I was a bit skeptical when I heard they were released a limited edition collection of Sigerson Morrison shoes and Anya Hindmarch bags. I heard lots of buzz - including the bit about the Anya Hindmarch collection selling out on her site in only two minutes. Both collections are available online and in select stores until December 26th. Take a look and let me know what you think, but I was sadly underwhelmed...


Pulled an all nighter

I generally avoid books with a lot of "hype" surrounding them because I either feel foolish for "buying into it" or I find it very overrated. For that reason, and much to the chagrin of my friend Susann, I have resisted the Harry Potter books...even though I have heard they are great. However, I broke my rule last night and read Twilight; I read the entire book last night - as in cover to cover and did not go to bed until 4:30AM. I'm not going to tell you it is the best book I've ever read, but it was very entertaining (I even skipped watching House to read it). I'm totally hooked and can't wait to read the entire Twilight Saga. I heard that the movie version is being released next month, but I'm usually really disappointed by the movie version so I think I'll just stick to the books for now...


I sleep in the nude!

No, not naked...NUDE. I hate wearing a daily moisturizer, but I also hate having dry skin. Wearing Nude's Intense Moisture Mask at bedtime is a perfect solution for me. The product line is great...and, not just because Ali Hewson (AKA Bono's equally talented wife) is a partner. They use all natural products and the super sleek packaging is recyclable.

Indiana Jones Costumes


Calling all parents

Earlier this year, I encouraged everyone to buy a book called Eat This Not That! The authors do not recommend eating fast food - they simply recognize that most people do and concentrated their book on offering better dining choices. They have a new version to educate parents about better options to feed their children. Eat This Not That! for Kids! is such a great book...it is a MUST BUY for all parents!


Happy meals

My youngest nephew Zachary is very headstrong and has no qualms about vocalizing his opinions...at a very loud volume too, but that's another story. Mealtime with him can be very difficult challenging. I think my sister needs to buy the Skip Hop Mate - stay put mat + plate. So, what that means is that Zachary will no longer be able to pick up his plate and put it on his head when he decides mealtime is over...

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