Who knew?

My most favorite store, Zappos.com, sells jewelry. I had no idea! I have now added two things (that I am not going to purchase) to my cart. That's what I do when I am cutting back on my spending...I add things to my cart and pretend I get the same satisfaction as I would if I really bought them. So, until the economy gets a bit better, I will just settle for pretending I own this Marc Jacobs Necklace and this Sheila Fajl Ring.


Cool Tricks Cool Tricks

I know far too much about children's TV shows for any single 30-something female. But, thanks to my two adorable nephews, I am well versed...I can compare The Backyardigans to The Wiggles with the best of them! Many of the shows they watch may be fun for kids, but are painful for adults. I thought Yo Gabba Gabba would be miserable. In fact, I first learned of it when Joel McHale made fun of it on the E channel's The Soup. However, I found that my nephews loved it! And to my dismay, I even found myself singing the songs later in the day and thought I was singing a song I heard on the radio and not a kids song. I'm not too proud to admit that I am kind of excited to see my nephews again because I heard Season 2 premiered this week. They have also timed the DVD to come out in the next few weeks.


Is it Fall yet?

I am so ready for cool weather...flip flops are killing my feet and I don't even think a daily pedicure would make them perfect! I'm ready to start wearing closed toe shoes so I can start wearing my fun colorful socks again!


Rainy days

Every umbrella I have ever owned was black. Basic but boring. And, amongst all of the other black umbrellas, it "disappears" from parties. Echo has some really cute ones like this striped one that is sure to make a statement. They also offer mini umbrellas in every color from basic black to purple.



People really buy this...a lunch lady action figure? And, I thought I had seen it all!


Special Delivery

I can't wait to see my little munchkin nephew Zachary in his Halloween costume. Z has a big personality in a "compact" two year old body and I am anxious to see if he enjoys dressing up and has fun with it or if he spends the evening shouting 'no like costume'...it could easily go either way. However, I'm certain he will be the cutest UPS driver I've ever seen!


Pick your poison

The upcoming election has been interesting...to say the least! I am loving the political message items available for sale...check out these great mugs from Perpetual Kid.


Adult drinking games???

  1. Invite friend over for a drink.
  2. Open bottle of wine.
  3. Finish bottle.
  4. Stealthily exchange glass with Illusion Wine Glass.
  5. Sit back and watch


Has anyone tried this?

I saw a commercial for Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gelicon and according to the commercial, I will not have to use a brush anymore...color me intrigued! I am willing to try anything if I can throw away my toilet brush.


A year of clean hands

Enter (until 11.30.08) to win a year's supply of All-Natural CleanWell hand sanitizer for your classroom. If you don't have a classroom or a child with a classroom, feel free to get a coupon for your own CleanWell.


Teach your kids early...for 1/2 off!

But, act fast...the 50% off offer is only available until September 8, 2008...


Kids love the moon and stars bed

I spent the week-end with my nephews and realized that the Aerobed for Kids is really quite genius. The boys seem to enjoy sleeping in it and seem to stay in it the whole night. It is lightweight, but sturdy and extremely easy to inflate and deflate. Based on what I have seen, I think it is a "must have" for all kids...