I've learned it all from mom

As a child, I do not recall being forced to floss every day. I'm sure my mother was too busy focusing on getting me to wear my rubber bands (part of my 4 painful years in braces) to push the floss. I only recently became a fan of flossing when I found the Reach Flosser. However, my mother just introduced me to Butler GUM® Soft Picks® and I like these even better. In all fairness, my Aunt Roberta is the one who told my mom about them. And she should know a thing or two about teeth - her daughter is an orthodontist and son-in-law is a dentist. I picked up a small package from the drugstore, but I think I need to buy them in bulk!


Meryl said...

Try to picture my entire family (grandparents included) at the table after dinner and my mom passing these around for everyone to try. It was pretty funny, but everyone LOVED them!