Thierry Mugler's Art of Metamorphosis

I was first introduced to Thierry Mugler when Angel was my signature scent. I loved it, but had to retire it after wearing it every day for years. I do have very fond memories of it though and was most excited to learn that he recently created a line of cosmetics. I haven't tried anything yet, but have heard great things about it. I'm dying to try the cooling effect concealer and the lip gloss. They are both supposed to be amazing!


What time is it?

I have a tiny bit of trouble figuring out the time on analog clocks. It has something to do with trying to determine exactly what number the big hand is pointing to...as a result, I stick with digital watches and clocks. But, I really like this wall clock from Generate Design. The face is monochromatic and with wide arms and no numbers...so I don't really have to use it as a time telling device. I just think it would look cool on my wall!


Wearable art for fun kids

I love Lark and Loon's new designs...especially the jam session tee. Because everyone knows that an octopus playing a guitar is just cool, right? I also really love the fox bringer tee. Check out all of their super unique tees, drops and pants. And, don't forget - a portion of your purchase goes to Americans for the Arts.


Harriet Carter sells everything you've always needed

...especially the stuff you did not realize you needed. You know - things like a deviled egg tray, a talking tissue box, a candle carver to turn fruit into votive holders or a banana clip saver. It is also a great place to find the cheesy "As Seen on TV" junk you've always secretly wanted. I'm not afraid to admit it - I want the Microwave S'Mores Maker and the Quesadilla Maker. I have no idea how I've lived this long without these!


When did I get so old?

I'm not sure when it happened, but overnight I have gone from being a mere teen to an old lady. My friend Pauline and I used to talk about make-up, shoes, boys and artificial tanning. Now we just seem to discuss our aching backs and spend our time talking about how I really want the Thera Cane and how she really wants the Spine Worx. Sad, isn't it?


My bathroom gets a little steamy

I have been looking for this robe for a few weeks or one like this anyway. The robe I am using now is way too hot to use in 90 degree heat...long sleeves...thick collar...too hot! This one is perfect for the summer though and I am so excited that I found it!


It's that time of year

Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale is going on NOW...all of their fall items are on sale online and in stores...prices go up August 4th...act fast!


I had no idea...

...DSW sells shoes online now. It looks like the prices are as good (or better) than they are in the store. My only complaint is I don't get the same shoe adrenaline rush viewing the shoes online that I get from furiously scanning the aisles in the store.


Cute tees

I can't remember how I heard about loyal army clothing, but I love their cute funky tees! The company description reads "our bright bold colors and our crazy characters just want to make friends with you and invite you to join our army of cuteness". I couldn't have said it better...check them out and I think you'll agree!


Few minutes to spare?

Check out my mother's latest find...SitePal (developed by Oddcast) allows you to add a fully customized speaking avatar to your website or email. The technology is pretty cool. Even if you don't want or need anything like that, you may still enjoy playing around with the sample avatars and listen to Karen pronounce your name with her Australian accent or have Charles say funny phrases with a British accent. They have 20 or so voice choices that will read any text you enter...very entertaining!


Brushing with Snoopy

I loved the Snoopy toothbrush set when I was growing up and would really love to buy it for my nephews. However, I don't think they have ever heard of Snoopy! They are much more interested in Thomas the Tank Engine and Lightning McQueen.

But, I still love it. I could always buy one for my house and pretend I only bought it for them...hmmm...too obvious?


Back from the beach

My family trip to the beach included my adorable nephews - the very same ones with the unfortunate habit of waking up early. I also slept in the same room as my mom. And, the sweet sound of her snoring really should not be shared...

My one word to Benjamin Braddock would definitely not be plastics...it would be Earplugs. Trust me...they will change your life!


Hot dog eating controversy

I am going away for a few days for a short beach vacation but wanted to remind you to watch Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest on July 4th. The contest will be televised live on ESPN at 12:00 PM EST.

There is a bit of hullabaloo surrounding the contest this year. Apparently, the contest will be 10 minutes instead of 12. Check out the International Federation of Competitive Eating or Major League Eating sites for more information about the contest. I had no idea competitive eating was such a big deal...competitive eater rankings...who knew?

Despite the controversy, I am still looking forward to watching this year.

Added bonus - Nathan's has a coupon for those of you who want to play along at home.


Cleo and Me!

I am so in love with Cleo Bathfoam. I heard great things about it, but was a bit skeptical when I saw the bottle. It took me a while to get hooked and I really didn't even realize how much I loved it until I ran out of it...and, promtly ordered a new bottle!