Sneaky Sister!

I am a great sister...I took care of Meryl when she had her tonsils removed...and, don't get me started on how good I am to her kids! She has been overly stressed this year and I offered to keep the boys for one night so she and Lenny could stay at the W Hotel in Midtown. She couldn't text me fast enough to tell me that the bathroom had Bliss products and did promise to get an extra set for me. Sweet of her, right? Or so I thought...until I opened a drawer in her bathroom today and found at least six Bliss Sinkside Sets from her hotel visit. And, she was soooo proud of herself for giving me one measly set...and to punish her, I am ratting her out. Be sure to tease her about it if you know her!

The products are awesome though...I totally understand why she wanted to keep them all for herself...