Cupa joe

I have seen several "green" sites recommending purchasing a fabric sleeve to use with disposable coffee cups instead of the paper ones given out by your local coffee shop...I suppose that is a good small step, but I really like this ceramic cup better - and, it looks like a disposable cup. Cool, huh?


Pedicure time

Just in time for a "get my feet back into summer shape pedicure, I have found the cutest pair of sandals. I just love the color - I think I can wear them with anything. I have worn a few pairs of Dolce Vita shoes in the past and found them to run a smidge too small, so you may want to order up if you like these too...I can't wait until they arrive at my front door! So exciting!


Let's give them something to talk about

It could be a symptom of lack of sleep or just my slightly warped sense of humor, but I think these mugs are hilarious! Can't you just imagine using them to serve coffee to your guests and watching them process the message on the mug...and, then wait to see if they ask you exactly why you have mugs from the Madison Psychiatric Clinic...

I'm kind of thinking my fascination with these mugs is a combination of my insomnia and my dark sense of humor...


Sneaky Sister!

I am a great sister...I took care of Meryl when she had her tonsils removed...and, don't get me started on how good I am to her kids! She has been overly stressed this year and I offered to keep the boys for one night so she and Lenny could stay at the W Hotel in Midtown. She couldn't text me fast enough to tell me that the bathroom had Bliss products and did promise to get an extra set for me. Sweet of her, right? Or so I thought...until I opened a drawer in her bathroom today and found at least six Bliss Sinkside Sets from her hotel visit. And, she was soooo proud of herself for giving me one measly set...and to punish her, I am ratting her out. Be sure to tease her about it if you know her!

The products are awesome though...I totally understand why she wanted to keep them all for herself...


Growing by leaps and bounds

Two companies (threadless and someecards) that I wrote about on here ages ago have expanded so much (and so well) that I felt it necessary to mention them again...

Check out all the new tee designs from threadless.com

And, the hilarious (and inappropriate) cards from someecards.com


No batteries, bells or whistles

My nephews are two of the luckiest guys I know...and, not just because I am their aunt. They are lucky because "Aunt Bari" is godmother to both of them and trust me Bari is the best godmother ever! She recently bought each of them a PlasmaCar and it has quickly become the biggest hit in the house - with the kids and adults! It is so much fun to drive. Apparently it works by harnessing the natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force, gravity, and friction. I'm not exactly sure what that means but everyone loves it!


The presumptive nominees

We finally know who will be on the ticket for each party in November...although it seems that many people are still unsatisfied with their choices. If you are in that camp, be sure to check out this cute tee for your kids. I think my nephew Zachary should have been born in it!


No more VPL

My friend Mary Stuart and I saw a girl the other day in a perfect pencil skirt...except we could see her panty line. I gave Mary Stuart my best sympathetic look and asked her if I should tell the girl about how to get rid of VPL. Mary Stu didn't know that visible panty lines had an acronym. Nor did she know about the best solution out there from Commando - their invisible underwear is available in all varieties from thong to bikini to high rise.


Yummy treat

When I was a kid, the ice cream truck was so exciting...everyone in my neighborhood ran after the truck to get their hands on a push up or Mickey Mouse bar. I always loved rocket pops but haven't had one in years. I found a mold for them and can't wait to start making my own at home!


Comfortable night of sleep

I am so tired of having neck and back problems and have been exploring all treatment options - acupuncture, physical therapy, massage and yoga. I am not feeling much better and am ready to try anything. I think the next thing I am going to try is a Body Pillow. They are supposed to be amazing...I can't wait to try it!


He's B-A-C-K!

Thank you to my friend Staci for reminding me that David Sedaris just released a new book, When You Are Engulfed in Flames. If it is halfway as good as his previous books, you will be falling on the floor laughing. I am on my way to the bookstore right now to pick up my copy!!!

illy coffee - 2 cans, 2 mugs for just $26.


Carter really can do everything...

When I was in LA recently, I had the opportunity to spend a few days on the set of a new show that Carter Oosterhouse was filming for HGTV. For the ladies...let me begin by answering the questions.

Yes, he really is that handsome.
Yes, he is even better looking in person.
Yes, his hair really is that great.

But, the most noticable thing about Carter is that he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He is as charming and personable in real life (after hours of filming) as he appears on his show. I think the new show will begin airing in July. But, if you need your "Carter fix" sooner, check out reruns of Carter Can.


A household MUST

I will save everyone the embarrassment of being called out by name...let's just say that I know a few people who should consider buying a bottle of Poo~Pourri. I think the name says it all; but in case you missed it, their motto is "Spritz the bowl before you go, and no one else will ever know!"


Speaking of the environment

There is a very interesting article about the environment in the latest edition of Wired Magazine. Check out the piece about driving a Hummer instead of a Prius.

Environmental flashback

Woodsy the Owl PSAs haven't been on the air in years, but you can still show everyone that you give a hoot. The USDA Forest Service has several activities designed for children to help you educate our next generation. For those who prefer to spread the word a bit more publicly...pick up a sporty Junk Food tee and count how many comments you get from children of the 70's.


Start small

I have many gifts (e.g. finding things online) but having a green thumb is not one of them. This week-end, I found the Sprout Shot Glass Plants and think they are right up my alley. The description for them mentioned "taking baby steps toward cultivating your green thumb". And, the most important word of all for having green things in my house...effortlessly...now we're talking!

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