The secret to my great gums

I have great gums and horrible teeth. Not ugly teeth (four years of braces helped that) but weak teeth with a mouth full of fillings, crowns and root canals. And, yes I did mean root canals - plural! I went to the dentist yesterday and was told that I am doing a great job with my home care. I am diligent about flossing, but must confess that I owe it all to my Reach Flosser. It is awesome! There are a few options for refills but I prefer the Clean Paste ones. I know flossing is key, but I also think using a power toothbrush has helped; if for no other reason than it keeps me from brushing too hard. I have tried a few and have found that I prefer the ones from Sonicare - especially the Sonicare with UV Sanitizer.

For the record...I also found out that I need two more crowns and they are "watching" several others...I am so glad to be putting my dentist's children through college...