The secret to my great gums

I have great gums and horrible teeth. Not ugly teeth (four years of braces helped that) but weak teeth with a mouth full of fillings, crowns and root canals. And, yes I did mean root canals - plural! I went to the dentist yesterday and was told that I am doing a great job with my home care. I am diligent about flossing, but must confess that I owe it all to my Reach Flosser. It is awesome! There are a few options for refills but I prefer the Clean Paste ones. I know flossing is key, but I also think using a power toothbrush has helped; if for no other reason than it keeps me from brushing too hard. I have tried a few and have found that I prefer the ones from Sonicare - especially the Sonicare with UV Sanitizer.

For the record...I also found out that I need two more crowns and they are "watching" several others...I am so glad to be putting my dentist's children through college...


All the help I can get

My cousin Beth first taught me about Angel Cards several years ago. I completely forgot about them but found them again last year and have given them as a gift to a few close friends. Each box has 72 cards with simple messages such as inspiration, risk, patience and celebration. The set does include instructions on how to use the cards, but I like to think that you can use them in the manner that works best for you. I have heard of groups of people who throw all of the cards in bowl and pick one or more cards at random and discuss what it means to them. Other people have told me that they pick one card and meditate on it for some period of time. I am not very spiritual and use mine in a bit more subtle manner; I choose the cards that are meaningful to me at a particular time in my life and keep them in my wallet. I don't really pull the cards out of my wallet often, but I feel better knowing they are there...especially when I have forgotten about them and stumble across a particularly poignant one...


Mealtime is fun

Since I have been nominated for Best Aunt Ever, I am always on the look-out for cute things for my nephews. I was at Target the other day and found these adorable melamine plates. I bought one monkey plate and one crab plate. And, my nephews love them...so much so that my sister asked if they have any other designs because the boys love them so much. So, of course I had to get a few of the fish ones too! They are sold in sets of 6 online, but you can buy them individually in the store.


I hope you had a nice Memorial Day

I loved my long week-end and am quite seriously considering running for President...the sole item on my platform would be to enact the 4 day work week. That's all. Until I decide to run, I must celebrate the small victories...for now, finding a great mascara is a huge one. I heard all the hype about the CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara and was a bit skeptical. However, I take mascara very seriously and felt that I needed to try it. It really is pretty awesome! It doesn't clump, the brush is a little big but not too big to maneuver and the top of the wand is flat - perfect for wiping off excess mascara on the tube instead of all over your face. And, it will stay on all day...without creating raccoon eyes!


When life hands you lemons...

...get in the bathtub and make sure you take pink lemonade with you. This is another great philosophy "flavor" that is sure to be a big summer hit! I think the scent might be a bit strong for the body butter, but I love the 3-in-one shampoo/shower gel/bubble bath. Although, I prefer to use it as a bubble bath.


Cheating on my bliss files?

I am still in love with my Bliss foot files, but I was strangely drawn to the Ped Egg. Buying an "As Seen on TV" product made me giggle a little, but I am also pleased to report that it actually worked quite well. According to the company, the egg design collects all of the shavings and does not create a mess. That isn't exactly true as it does make a bit of a mess but the egg does hold quite a bit. I also found it oddly satisfying to empty it out and find all of the dead skin...


Is it still primary season?

I am normally a bit of a political junkie; however, I am growing tired of all of the nonsense and feel like this election cycle has been going on for years. Since I am taking a break from the primary race, I am forced to satisfy my political interests by finding cute things like this I Wish I Could Vote tee.



I haven't eaten Ramen noodles in years, but after finding this super cool Ramen spoon/fork I think I need to get some noodles ASAP. I think I can get a case of Top Ramen noodles for the same price as the spoon/fork. I can't wait to try them again...I just love comfort food - preferably if it is cheap and chock full of preservatives. My MoMa Store spork will totally make my noodles look gourmet, don't you think?


Hee-haw Hee-haw...

I bought this book for my 20 month old nephew and can't believe how much he loves it. He rarely plays with the same toy for more than five minutes. But Barnyard Boogie keeps his attention all day! You can't really tell from the picture, but the mouth of the donkey is a hand puppet. Every page has a different animal; you can put your hand in the back to move the lips for each animal. My nephew really loves putting his own hand in the puppet and making his own animal sounds. Too cute!


Feet in the clouds

My sister and I share a love of sneakers that are both cute and comfortable; however, she has not adopted my system of amortizing purchases and can be a bit cheap frugal when it comes to fashion. So when she bought these Privo shoes in orange and black, I knew they must be super comfortable. After buying two pairs of them all she can say about them is they feel like "walking on air"...


hey diddle diddle!

I found another great bowl from Flavour Design Studio - and the dish ran away with the spoon. I can't wait to use it for cereal. I hate leaving my spoon in the bowl because it always seems to slide down and I don't really want to put it down on the table...this looks perfect!


Lotion connoisseur

My sister is in a pretty pathetic state from the pain of having her tonsils removed this week. When she showed me her empty tube of Lemon Hand Treatment from Bigelow Chemists and gave me her best sad face, I knew exactly what to get her for Mother's Day. It is a little pricey, but trust me...or at least trust Meryl. She has a slight obsession with soft hands and really knows a good hand lotion when she sees one!