I'm a bit of an insomniac

My sleep habits are awful. "They" say you should only use your bed for sleep. Unfortunately, I do all the wrong things...I fall asleep with the tv on, use my laptop and read books in bed. I know - not helpful, but I am stuck in my ways. I do like a good eye mask though and can honestly say the MUJI eye mask is the very best! It blocks out every bit of light in the room - even the light from my tv. It is very comfortable and quite affordable at $6!


Elizabeth said...

I NEED one of these. Thanks for the recommendation.

Meryl said...

I tried this on....it is really good!

Nicole said...

After ANOTHER sleepless night followed by a day spent in desperate need of say a solid 45 minute nap before my daughter gets home from school and goes into hyper mode yet totally unable to fall asleep during sunshine I hours I realized I need a mask. How great I should see this post on the day I need it!