Forget squeezing the Charmin

"They" say you should not even be using it! I do not believe in buying cheap toilet paper and have been using Charmin for years. However, I recently learned from a plumber that Charmin is bad for your pipes. Charmin dismisses the claim, but I found several links supporting the claim. The cotton in Charmin toilet paper does not break down in your pipes and you should never ever use it with a septic tank.

I am now faced with a big dilemma. Should I use the environmentally friendly Seventh Generation Bath Tissue or try some other mainstream brand? Ideally, I would like to try the Seventh Generation, but fear that it will be rough...and then I would be forced to pick between my comfort and my desire to save the planet. Kermit was right; it's not easy being green.


Martha said...

My plumber said the same thing and I have been using Cottonelle, but it is not the same as Charmin.

ann said...

I use Seventh Generation or Trader Joe's, both are a little rougher and weaker but my desire to not cause more sewage and septic problems won out. Recently my entire neighborhood had to have the pipes cleaned. This, of course, was done by the city but now several of us neighborhood dwellers have had drain pipe issues from the resulting backup when they blasted the main lines. That ended up being our expense. And, the city did not do such a great job of cleaning up after the operation so the chief culprit for the blockages was left in plain view for all passersby to see... toilet paper.