All the help I can get

My cousin Beth first taught me about Angel Cards several years ago. I completely forgot about them but found them again last year and have given them as a gift to a few close friends. Each box has 72 cards with simple messages such as inspiration, risk, patience and celebration. The set does include instructions on how to use the cards, but I like to think that you can use them in the manner that works best for you. I have heard of groups of people who throw all of the cards in bowl and pick one or more cards at random and discuss what it means to them. Other people have told me that they pick one card and meditate on it for some period of time. I am not very spiritual and use mine in a bit more subtle manner; I choose the cards that are meaningful to me at a particular time in my life and keep them in my wallet. I don't really pull the cards out of my wallet often, but I feel better knowing they are there...especially when I have forgotten about them and stumble across a particularly poignant one...