50 years of LEGO

In honor of the 50th birthday of LEGO...check out the cool things Lego sells...such as this ice cube tray...they also have cute watches, cake molds, coasters as well as tons of LEGO sets...


Bottle of wine or cool candle?

Instead of adding another bottle of wine to my "cellar", I love getting unique hostess gifts...of course, I would have to start entertaining if I wanted to get something, but for those who do entertain...wouldn't you love to get a beautiful Paddywax candle? I love all of their candles, but am really in love with their Journey of the Bee collection, a beeswax candle hand poured in a black glass holder. It is based on...you guessed it...the journey of a bee going through a garden of fragrances - rose, freesia, wild blackberry, clover, raw honey and orange blossom. It looks amazing and smells even better.


New hobby for my mom

My mother is turning into a great product finder...whenever I see her, she gives me newspaper or magazine clippings for products that she thinks I might like...she has also (like her daughter) developed a slight germ phobia and thinks we should order these Teeny Towels...I'm all for it and think I'll order some extras for her "ferret finder fee"...


In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

Please show your voice...make sure that you are registered to vote...check out the National Mail Voter Registration Form or register online through the Rock the Vote site.


No more pink Daisy razors

I am not so in love with the idea of having anyone use my razor...nor do I want to use theirs...I recently bought a package of Gillette Venus Disposable Razors to use when I am at my sister's house and was quite pleased with the results. I'm not suggesting using it as a replacement for your everyday razor, but it is definitely a good choice for your guest bathroom!


He loves his toys!

LearningCents banks are a great way to teach your child about saving money...they have three compartments - one for spending, one for saving and one for giving (they also have one with tzedakah instead of giving)...or, according to my nephew, Nathan...the categories are "toys for me", "toys for tomorrow", and "toys for boys who don't have toys"...how cute is that?


Another guest posting from Mary Stuart

As an infrequent guest blogger on The Ferret…Online, I should take a moment to thank the Ferret for her tireless efforts at discovering the world one product or website at a time. I admit I have benefited not only from her discoveries but also from a few bonus Ferret gifts (there are perks to working with the Ferret). One of those gifts was a chance to try Tea Forté…it is hard to say whether I was manipulated by the excellent packaging or the tea itself, but regardless of the reason the whole experience was most excellent. I'm a fool for packaging and perfectly happy for it to influence my opinion of the product. Not only does the pyramid look nice, it makes for easy tea steeping; the pyramid tea bag floats! Thanks Ferret!! I wish I could afford to have Tea Forté all the time.


Green with envy

I have been having computer issues (at home and a bit at work too actually)...and, I don't really want to spend money on a new computer if I don't have to...but, I am beginning to wonder if it could just be the universe trying to push me in the direction of getting the MacBook that I am dying for...my friend Tanya just got one and loves to tell me about all the super cool things hers does...so mean! I am a bit nervous about getting a Mac though because I am afraid that I am going to want one of everything that Apple sells!


In honor of the Iowa Caucus...

...I am reposting the Democrat or Republican mugs from Fishs Eddy...and, as an added bonus - the mugs (as well as everything else on the site is on sale right now)...