Fragrance free ferret mission

The Mission:

New mom Susann says, "Do you have any recommendations for a hand sanitizer that is gentle on hands, fragrance-free and as natural as possible? I have been using Purell, and aside from the fact that even MY hands are dry now, it can't be fun for my son to smell it. Thanks!"

The Solution:

CleanWell is all-natural and alcohol-free. The ingredients are safe for kids, non-toxic, and come from rapidly renewable resources.


Susann said...

I ordered a variety pack and it should arrive within the next few days. As soon as Aaron and I give it a try, I'll report back with my review. Thanks, Ferret!

Susann said...

Update:Another hit, Ferret. The variety pack arrived today. The product does have a slight scent of thyme, but it's pleasant and not overpowering at all. My hands feel great. I have no idea if it actually kills 99% of germs as it advertises, but I'll just assume it does and highly recommend this product! Thanks Ferret.