My skin has never looked so bad...

...but, that is what is called a "positive effect" by Somme Institute. Because I loved their packaging, I was hopeful about the results. But, the science behind the line is the real reason I was so optimistic and the reason I stuck with it. After using their regimen for a few weeks, everything that had been hiding in my pores rose to the surface. It was not pretty, but now that I am past that point, I must say that my skin feels and looks great! I even asked my friend Tanya to examine my skin as closely as I do (when I am an inch away from the mirror). She agreed that my "not so fine" lines look so much better than the last time I made her check them out...and my pores (which in all fairness are not huge) are barely visible.

Are the products inexpensive? No, but the results are amazing and absolutely worth the price. Try the mobile kit if you aren't ready to make such a big commitment at first.


Jenny said...

Are you using all five of their products? I'm thinking of trying SOMME products, but is a two-week kit enough to see results, or should I get 2 two-week kits? How long did it take for you to see positive results?

The Ferret...Online said...

I did try all of their products, but have not been using the Double Defense (SPF moisturizer) as much...I am now only using 4 of the products - the cleanser, transport pads, serum and A-Bomb. My skin felt better after 2 weeks, but began to look bad...I read about that being a positive result and stuck with it...it was really only after a month that I was able to see the true results.