Borrow or "borrow"?

My friend Staci has a pair of earrings that are similar to these...well - she did until the unfortunate day that she let me borrow them. I get so many compliments on them that I hate to part with them...the other problem is that I have not been able to find a pair that I like as much as hers...the guilt is really beginning to get to me though...this pair from Garnet Hill isn't exactly the same, but I may have to try them so I can give Staci's back to her...


Like Pavlov's dogs

The weather is finally cooling down and last night was even a bit chilly...and, I found myself getting a craving for tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. I do the same thing every year when the temperature drops, so it might be time to buy this cute Soup and Sandwich Tray from UncommonGoods.


No more boring bookshelves for me, Mom!

Books for kids are so colorful and fun...they can't just go in any old bookshelf. The Kid Kraft Puzzle Bookshelf is a great choice. It is definitely cute enough to hold everything from classics like Goodnight Moon or Time for Bed to some of my new favorites like The Boy with Two Belly Buttons or Puff, the Magic Dragon.



I was introduced to Jo Malone's Lime Basil & Mandarin several years ago and immediately fell in love. I then learned about the Jo Malone philosophy of fragrance combining and expanded to a few other scents. I have completely run out of every bottle I have and have not been able to decide on a new one to try. I have been begging Jo (secretly) to create a box just for me with some smaller sizes of some of her top scents...my prayers have been answered! Her new Cologne Collection has six of her top fragrances - each can be worn alone or combined to create your own signature scent.


Fashionable green babies

I haven't tried them yet, but I am dying to check out the stylish baby basics from kate quinn organics. The 7 days of bodysuits gift set is great...what a wonderful gift - a whole week of hip onesies for the eco-friendly baby in your life. They also have a women's line coming out soon...good news for me since my sister seems to think she is done having little babies for me to spoil!


UV light = clean toothbrush?

I read about this toothbrush sanitizer and the germaphobe in me really wanted it, but I thought it might be too much...even for me. My friend Tanya (also a germaphobe) not only owns one, but also bought a replacement bulb for it the other day...I completely made fun of her for buying it, but secretly want one for myself...


Save a tree

I love catalog shopping, but can't seem to get removed from the mailing lists of the catalogs I would rather not receive. I've tried submitting my information online and have even called a few and have not had much luck. I recently heard about a great site called Catalog Choice - it is a free service that lets you opt-out of unwanted catalogs. It was easy to sign up and search for the catalogs I no longer want to receive...my fingers are crossed that this will work...


Fantastic Feet

I'm so in love with the Diamancel foot files. The #20 file is the first one I bought and it changed my life. My feet look better after a few minutes of using the files than they do after getting a pedicure at a luxury spa. I recommend using them when you are alone...the dead skin turns into a fine powder after you file it down. The results are amazing - very cool and totally gross at the same time. I added the #11 file and the #10 file a few years ago and have been equally impressed. They are not cheap, but they are if you use my favorite word...AMORTIZE!


Bringing out my OCD

I know that it is not always the best idea to exfoliate every day...it can be drying and irritate your skin...I know this, but I can't help it. I love the way my skin feels after using a good exfoliator. My latest exfoliating obsession is the lip scrub by sara happ. It is truly amazing! I tried tarte's fRxtion a few months ago; I love many of their products, but did not love this one. I tried it again this week to compare to the lip scrub and there is no comparison. I used both at night before I went to bed...the lip scrub left my lips smooth and soft the next morning but the tarte one left my lips dry, flaky and in need of a good exfoliator. And, even if I do use the lip scrub every day (which I must confess to doing), my lips never feel dry. My lipstick goes on so much better and my lips feel great! My only complaint is that is tastes so wonderful, I have to remind myself to tissue it off and not lick it off.


Is it time for my birthday again?

No...sadly it was just a few weeks ago, but I still want this Cole Haan bag...I love the gunmetal color and the outside pocket is perfect for my Blackberry. I have added it to my imaginary wish list on Zappos.com.

Mrs. Meyer's Gingerbread Scent is Back!

I am such a sucker for anything that you can only get for a limited time.


Better back and cooler thighs

I have a bad habit of using my laptop while lying on the sofa or in my bed. It hasn't been so good for my neck, but I just got this Belkin CushTop and I feel better already. I do use it when I am sitting as well and love being able to use it without getting 3rd degree burns on my legs.


The bottle looks different...

...but, Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific™ smells the same. You can find it (in the updated bottle) at The Vermont Country Store. I love playing around on their site. Where else could you go to buy a Hoky Sweeper, Lifebuoy soap, Freshen-Up Gum and Tinkertoys? So fun!


Clean and simple

My friends Susann and Kailey each recently purchased cool business cards...I don't know what they are planning to keep them in, but I really like this clear plastic MUJI one...it is only $4 at the MoMA Store.


Start holiday shopping now

To say that Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart's pop-up books are amazing is an understatement. I almost hate calling them pop-up books because they are nothing like the pop-up books I read as a child...their books are works of art to be enjoyed by children and parents. I am completely blown away by the intricately designed books...I would not have thought such detail was possible. Matthew Reinhart's latest creation is a fantastic pop-up Star Wars book. If you order on their site, you can get a signed first edition copy. This is still a super cool book even if you are not a Star Wars fan...but, if you really hate the movie...check out some of their other books and then sit tight until Sabuda's version of The Chronicles of Narniais released at the end of November.


My skin has never looked so bad...

...but, that is what is called a "positive effect" by Somme Institute. Because I loved their packaging, I was hopeful about the results. But, the science behind the line is the real reason I was so optimistic and the reason I stuck with it. After using their regimen for a few weeks, everything that had been hiding in my pores rose to the surface. It was not pretty, but now that I am past that point, I must say that my skin feels and looks great! I even asked my friend Tanya to examine my skin as closely as I do (when I am an inch away from the mirror). She agreed that my "not so fine" lines look so much better than the last time I made her check them out...and my pores (which in all fairness are not huge) are barely visible.

Are the products inexpensive? No, but the results are amazing and absolutely worth the price. Try the mobile kit if you aren't ready to make such a big commitment at first.


Where's your flair?

Conservative note cards are necessary to use after a job interview, but sometimes you need to show a little more personality...
FabulousStationery.com is the place to go for such occasions. I love their mod design choices. And, they also have a brilliant window pane option for all envelopes...meaning that when someone gets your card and inevitably throws away the envelope, they will still have your address.


Lazy Sunday

I love this set of latte mugs from Wrapables.com. I can totally see myself lounging around in my pajamas and sipping coffee in one of these mugs. I love the simple design, but really love their shape best of all...
Branches Latte Mugs (set of 4)


Brand new wardrobe

My friend Pauline has helped me fill my closet with the most amazing tees in every color and style imaginable! Her company, LILLA P, makes tees that are classic and fashionable without being trendy. They are so soft...they don't shrink...they don't fade...and, they are long enough to wear with lower jeans. They are also very versatile...lots of mixing, matching and layering. The most versatile piece of all is the Origami Wrap. It is shown here in eight different options. It is the most perfect travel top...take the origami, a few things to wear on the bottom and you'll have an entire vacation wardrobe!

Ferret readers can get 20% off any LILLA P purchase until 10.25.07 using the code ferret.


Important Class for Atlanta Parents

Our kids are growing up online, the Internet, instant messaging, and sites like Facebook and MySpace are a part of everyday life. But what are these sites saying, who are our kids talking to, and how can we keep them safe? Help is on the way!
In this class we discuss what we should be saying to our children about the cyberworld, setting rules and keeping track of online activity.(This seminar will meet for 2 hours. Must be 18 years or older to attend)

Instructor: Ben Halpert
October 11th, at 7:30pm - one class only
Price: $25.00 - Click
here to purchase tickets


Kid at heart

I still love LEGO® and am so glad that my nephews do too! I can't believe how much the product line has expanded since I was a child. I really love this stacking bin.

What a great idea for a playroom...

And, check out their cute pumpkin...not quite the same as carving a Jack-o'-lantern, but much less of a mess...


I've created a monster!

So, when I took Susann to Ulta, she practically started hyperventilating, but whenever she goes to New York, she turns into a product queen! She introduced me to L'Avenir and splurged on CAUDALIE the last time she was there.

She emailed me last week because she "found a new treasure that you probably have not only heard of, but HAVE been using for years. It's called Dr. Hauschka. I spent a ridiculous amount (i.e. over $5), but can justify it because they have such a cool philosophy"...

I promptly responded that I love Dr. Hauschka, but haven't tried the Lemon Body Moisturizer yet...looking forward to checking it out though!

Another one for my coffee table

When my friend Mary Stuart, the aspiring artist, becomes a famous sculptor, this book will need to be revised to include her work! I actually don't know much about sculpture, but love the books from Phaidon Press and suspect this one will be equally impressive.


Buffy the Bump Slayer

I had a wonderful day on Sunday (my birthday) with my mom and sister and I think I may have turned them on to the fun of product shopping. We had such a great time at LUSH...soaps and bath bombs were flying all over the place! The product we were most excited about is Buffy, an exfoliator/moisturizer to use in the shower. It is amazing...my skin feels so soft! My only complaint (only a tiny one) is that it can get a little melty, so you really can't leave it in the shower if your bathroom gets steamy like mine.


It's the big one...I'm coming to join you, Elizabeth!

I am not saying I'm a hypochondriac, but I do feel that when I meet my unfortunate demise it is going to be some major medical catastrophe... This book is so up my alley! The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You from the genuises at Knock Knock is so much better than trying to diagnose myself online...