Burn the ratty old ones

I've been polling many women about their underwear drawer. No, I don't have an underwear obsession...I have just been curious to know if other women keep underwear they HATE just to wear for "monthly visitors". Sounds like I'm not the only person who has back of the drawer panties.

Until now...thanks to the brilliant invention of single-use panties! Are they as nice as La Perla? No, but compared to what I've been wearing they are a significant improvement. I was somewhat skeptical because they feel a little bit like stretchy paper, but was quite pleased to find that they are actually very comfortable to wear. I'm just waiting to see how long it takes someone to invent this for men. Just imagine...disposable boxers...they'd never do laundry again!

And, for readers of The Ferret...Online, they are offering FREE shipping! Just enter VIPTRIAL on the Wear Once site.


Be kind to your feet

My poor feet are tired of getting abused by painful shoes...even if they are to die for. I'm not ready to start wearing "comfort" shoes yet, but I do love these super cute kicks from J41. Check them out at zappos.com to see all of the fun color combinations. And, I love the cool map on the bottom of their shoes.


Who needs Canal Street?

My sister's friend Jodi recently told me about the site baghaus for fake designer inspired bags. I'm not endorsing knock off bags, but if you are going to buy them anyway...I think it is better to buy them from a reputable business than a shady alley. And, since so many people are selling "authentic" bags on eBay, I would prefer to know what I am buying in advance...


Where's my lip balm?

I'm addicted to lip balm and stash it everywhere...desk drawer, nightstand, glove compartment, purse, makeup bag...but, I feel like I am always looking for a tube! I recently tried Eco Lips and am pretty excited to report that it can serve two purposes for me. The most important one is that their products are organic. As I work on adopting small changes to live a more green life, I think that using organic products on my lips is a good place to start. As an added bonus, you can purchase Eco Lips with a caribiner...I am hoping this will help me keep track of my disappearing lip balm.


No more numb-bum

I was so excited to hear about the clek olli™ booster seat...it is a backless booster that uses the LATCH system. Sadly, Nathan doesn't weigh enough yet to use it. So, I relied on my friend Tanya to get her boys to try it for me. She put it in her car one day and didn't say anything to them about it...her son Noah immediately noticed it and wanted to sit in the "blue" seat. When they arrived at their destination, he said "I like that seat...it is soft". The company promises to put an end to numb-bum and based on Noah's review, it sounds like they are on the right track!


Naughty or nice?

I get a little overwhelmed at the make-up counter. Don't get me wrong - I love products, but I occasionally get thrown off by too many choices. I recently spent a few hours at the Trish McEvoy counter and left with a few good eye shadows. However, I could not even begin to think about lip color. Too many color options! Enter the Lipstick Queen. It is good old fashioned lipstick that comes in 10 colors in a saint (sheer) or sinner (opaque) version. So, you can wear your perfect shade during the day or night...or, mix it up and express your inner sinner (Ha ha...that rhymes!) during the day or your saintly side at night...


Back in black

I recently read about the comeback of seventies-influenced black glassware. According to InStyle magazine, it is one of the biggest home trends. They are pretty cool looking, but might be tough to pull off...how do you match your table with black glasses? And, it is a bit strange to pick up a glass and have no idea what is in it...apparently, black wine glasses are great for wine tasting so you don't form opinions based on the color of the wine...


10 minutes of cook time

I can't remember the last time I used a real timer for cooking...I always use the timer on my oven or microwave...but, I do like the look of this Tape Timer from UrbanPeel.com


A is for Apple...and so much more!

I really love customized things, so Goosie Cards are right up my alley...they are heavy duty laminated flash cards that you can personalize with pictures of your own family and friends. You simply upload your own pictures to create a personal set for using as traditional flash cards or playing games like memory.


Planters are soooo last year!

Everyone these days is eating Wine Nuts! As of yesterday, that is...I tried them for the first time at Martha Stewart my Aunt Susan's house and they are delish! I am generally more of a purist with nuts...I actually prefer raw nuts, but these were amazing! They are available in Chardonnay, Choco~Late, Lemoncella, Margarita and Merlot. They are gluten, preservative and high fructose corn syrup free...sadly, they are alcohol free as well...


Happy New Year

In honor of the Jewish New Year, check out this sterling silver apple and honey set. At $11,200, it is quite an extravagant way to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, but you have to see it in action...it is so cool!


Just a little OCD

It is not very environmentally friendly of me, but I have a "germ thing" and use papertowels to open door handles. I don't want to touch the dirty handle with my clean hands. The Handler is a little dorky, but no more so than going out of my way to avoid touching door handles. I won't even pretend to understand the science, but somehow the handler is infused with nano silver - it essentially prevents bacteria from growing...it fits right on your keychain so you will always have it.


Dual purpose products

Mixing and measuring in the same bowl is such a smart idea! It is great for those with space issues as well as those who hate to clean up (like me)...using just one less item in the kitchen makes clean up much easier. I've seen them a few places online, but I recommend checking them out at Lekker because they have such cool things for the home.


Just a little venting

I am all for modern inventions and convenience, but I can't quite understand the need for a banana slicer. Yes, there is a product to create perfect banana slices. I rarely eat an apple without using my apple divider, but apples are difficult to cut...I have never had this problem with bananas. But, just in case you are someone who loves banana accessories and likes the idea of the slicer, you might also enjoy the BananaGuard.


What do those ingredients really mean?

I try not to be a huge alarmist and I don't think that any one chemical alone will cause cancer, but I have been working hard at increasing my awareness of what goes into the products I use. I also have been paying attention to what my nephews use. Do I follow the "it was used on me and I turned out fine" logic or try to see if there are better options today? I do know that when comparing "the stuff I used" to The Original Sprout's Baby Shampoo & Body Wash, I could tell a huge difference. For one thing, it doesn't have formaldehyde (Quaternium-15)! Formaldehyde in baby shampoo? Seriously? That can't be good! Yes, The Original Little Sprout products are more expensive than the ubiquitous yellow shampoo we all know and love, but they are also free of hormone disrupters, parabens, sulfates, petroleum or mineral oils, dioxanes, phthalates & of course formaldehyde. And, the boys smell so yummy after using them…especially after using the Scrumptious Baby Cream. After using it on them, I find it hard to keep myself from taking a big bite out of their super soft skin.


Treat yourself

I have been getting the best suggestions of products to mention online. Tanya bought the Vosges Barcelona Exotic Candy Bar for us to try. Let me begin by saying that I am not a chocolate lover...I don't dislike it, but I am not one of those people who keeps a bar in their desk drawer and nibbles on it every day. I eat chocolate every once in a while. Having said that, this bar is amazing! It is dark milk chocolate with hickory smoked almonds and grey sea salt. Other than the price, it is pretty much perfect...sweet, salty and crunchy - but not too much of either of the three.


Cheaper tiny undies

I haven't tried these, but...according to Pauline..."the Old Navy thongs are just like the Hanky Panky ones, but so much more affordable"...at $6 a piece or $4 for 3 or more vs. $18 for a Hanky Panky one, she has a good point...


Coffee Presentation

I think I have found the perfect cream and sugar server to go with my (not yet purchased) coffee set. Actually, I really just want one of everything I have seen on greenergrassdesign.

Boca Java Coupon $10 off order of $50 or More


Cross that one off my list

My friend Lisa is on bed rest right now and Susann and I went to visit her on Monday. We went to Ulta first to get a few pampering products...

First of all, not everyone loves products like I do...Susann was so uncomfortable with all the lotions and potions, I thought she might break out in hives...

Secondly, we settled on Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturizing Hand Treatment. I've heard such great things about it and have been dying to try it for years...Lisa and I opened it up and I was quite disappointed. The cream is great - very true to its name - intensive and moisturizing, but the smell...ugh! I hated it...it smelled like a combination of medicine and an old lady - nothing against the elderly - I just don't want to smell like a grandmother for several more years.


More than just Two Buck Chuck

I am a big fan of Trader Joe's. They have great food and even better prices, but I haven't tried too many of their products. My sister did try their shampoo once and reported back to me that it had great lather...she recently purchased the very affordable Tangerine Sugar Scrub and was so impressed with it that she insisted I try it. She was right...it is pretty awesome. I love sugar scrubs, but occasionally find that they have too much oil and not enough sugar. The Trader Joe's version is perfect...tons of really great sugar (not too coarse and not too fine) and the right amount of oil to keep your skin moisturized well enough to not need lotion when you get out of the shower. They don't sell it online, but I encourage you to find one in your area or beg a friend to send it to you.


Peace and quiet

My nephew loves playing with trains. I wish his Thomas trains were not so commercial, but I do love watching him play with them. He makes train sounds and sings songs about them. It is also fun to watch him interact with other children playing with the trains. He shares very well and can entertain himself with his trains for HOURS...and, that means HOURS of no television and even more importantly, HOURS of no loud and annoying toys with bells, lights and whistles. The whistle sound Nathan makes for the train is so much better than anything that uses a battery...along those lines, my favorite toy site is Ooompa Toys. They have a large selection of some of my favorites...Haba...Vilac...check it out...really great gifts and the parents will be so happy to have some quiet toys...


Space saving spoon rest

I love this spoon. I don't like to put my dirty cooking spoon on one of those spoon resters, so I end up using a paper towel. I waste so many paper towels because of this. This spoon from The Spoon Sisters is brilliant...you can order it in the left or right handed version.