There is always a better way

My sister and I were shopping at Target with my nephew and knew he was a little hungry. We were crossing our fingers that the cereal we were feeding him would postpone a major meltdown. We were trying to get out of there as fast as possible and didn't pay enough attention to the Ziploc bag of Cheerios...until the entire contents of the bag landed on the floor...oh no! We looked at each other and then looked around to see if anyone had seen it so we could quietly sneak away...if only we had Laura Hamrick's brilliant OnTray invention! OnTray is a plastic container that attaches to a grocery cart handle and can hold things to occupy your little one and free up your hands to get to the real business of shopping. At $6.99 for one or $11.99 for two, they are affordable enough to get one for snacks and another for toys.

For the record, we did clean up the cereal mess he we made...


Meryl said...

I got this and used it yesterday - it was great! I definitely recomment this for anyone with a child who still sits in the grocery cart!