Etch-it cups for your next party

I was at a party two weeks ago and lost my drink three times...we were all using the same cups and I kept forgetting where I put it...if we had been using etch-it cups, this would not have happened! They might cost a little more than plain cups, but you will end up saving money because people will only use one cup instead of ten! Each disposable cup has a label that you can sketch your name into...they are fun for kids and adults. You can buy them online at Giftaria.com by the package or the case. They also sell labels to turn any cup into an etch-it cup.


Avinash Bikumalla said...

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Susann said...

That's really cool. Now if someone could invent a cup with an alarm so I can track down the cup when I lose it.

devyn said...

these are cute, but how about just use a sharpie to write on regular cups...why does everyone drink out of solo cups when it's a party, so weird. I think even if you had water in a solo cup a cop would still question you.