Designer luggage

Lately, I've been feeling like I'm turning into my mother. I hear her words come out of my mouth more and more each day. Even worse, I've started packing in Ziploc bags like her. I'm going to start using these cute bags from Mobi...if I am going to pack in resealable bags, I can at least do it in style!


Le Pug Soap

My friends Susann and Michael have a pug and I'm not saying they are obsessed, but they are pretty fond of him and all things pug...they are sooooooooo going to love me for this find!

Gianna Rose has a pug soap. Also, check out the funny picture of all of the pugs lined up and waiting to be boxed up...


Bye Bye Yoplait

FAGE (pronounced Fa'-yeh!) yogurt is sent from the gods. I am obsessed with this yogurt. It is delicious alone...or, with fruit, honey, splenda, granola, wheat germ...experiment with it! ! It has tons of protein so you stay full for a long time...it is a "best practice" breakfast in my house! The consistency is great too! Check with FAGE to find out where to get it in you area - used to be only in gourmet grocery stores, but lately I've seen it in the large chains too.

Easy way out

Since I'm not exactly a Martha Stewart, I think Appetizerstogo.com is a great site for me to visit!


Take 10% Off Any Order - Use Coupon Code: REF10


West Coast Treat...anywhere...

You can now make the oh so famous Sprinkles cupcakes in your own kitchen. They can be purchased directly from Sprinkles or at Williams-Sonoma in lemon, dark chocolate, vanilla or red velvet.


Corn...on the cob?

I haven't worn braces in years, but I am still skittish about biting into apples or ears of corn. I use the apple divider from Oxo every time I eat an apple. And, cut off my corn kernels with a knife. Not for long...Oxo is coming out with a corn stripper next month and I am calling ASAP to pre-order one!

I miss the mimeograph

I used the love the smell of a freshly printed mimeographed test...I don't think I would wear this glue spray from Perpetual Kid as my perfume, but I'm not above spraying it on a piece of paper or just in the air for fun...


Mini Martha

I love the Playful Chef Deluxe Cooking Kit. It is a great way to spend quality time with your kids while teaching them about food and nutrition. The kid-sized tools are perfect for their little hands and will also help you keep their germy fingers away from your fancy cookware.


Great news for babies

Boden finally expanded their line to include clothing for babies! All the other newborns will be so jealous of how cute your little one is...

Coffee Time

I am so in love with this coffee service set...it totally appeals to my style...simple and clean...doesn't take up a ton of space...makes a nice presentation...the set of 6 cups, saucers, stainless stirrers and serving tray can be purchased online at Plastica.


Etch-it cups for your next party

I was at a party two weeks ago and lost my drink three times...we were all using the same cups and I kept forgetting where I put it...if we had been using etch-it cups, this would not have happened! They might cost a little more than plain cups, but you will end up saving money because people will only use one cup instead of ten! Each disposable cup has a label that you can sketch your name into...they are fun for kids and adults. You can buy them online at Giftaria.com by the package or the case. They also sell labels to turn any cup into an etch-it cup.


Youthful Nostalgia

I did not know these still existed...I loved Mr. Sketch scented markers when I was a kid and was so excited when I stumbled across them on the Dick Blick site. I can't wait to start using them again!


Finger Foods

I wish I entertained enough to use this serving tray or the similar one with an olive boat insert. PureModern has an extensive selection of Blomus stainless steel products as well as tons of other modern housewares.


Best part of the brownie

I've seen this pan posted on several sites, but wanted to mention it here too because I think it is so great! Brownie edges have always been my favorite part, but I did not realize so many other people felt the same way...until a few years ago when I was with a large group of people and everyone went for the edges and didn't even touch the middle! I would not have that problem with the Baker's Edge Brownie Pan...it has two edges to each side...genius! And, they have a lasagna edge pan coming soon...I can't wait!


Ben & Jerry's Willpower

If you can't keep yourself from eating the whole pint of Ben & Jerry's, you may want to use their pint lock. Apparently, one of their fans wrote to them about having trouble concentrating at work because he worried his roommates would eat his ice cream. Pretty funny!


Getting groovy in the kitchen

I don't really cook...I'm more of an "assembler", but I do frequently need to use measuring spoons. The Oxo ones I have are fine, but these mod measuring spoons from Anthropologie are so much more fun.


Mari's New York...Brownie Update

I recently mentioned the brownies from Mari's New York and received a box of them today. They are now going to be a best practice! They are heavenly and the perfect size...you can eat one without ruining your diet. Although, I dare you to stop at one. Trust me when I tell you that you can send them as a gift if you want to make someone feel truly special. Mari's packaging is amazing. The brownies arrive in her signature baton box, but the best part is the paper...it is thick and luxurious and feels great in your hand. Run, don't walk to Mari's website and order a box...for someone special or even for yourself!

Birthday Gift Success

These foam blocks from Back To Basics Toys were a big hit with my nephew Zachary for his 1st birthday. They are very fun to play with! But, I always wonder if the gifts I give my nephews are more fun for them or the "big boy in the house"...Lenny (AKA their Dad).

As an added bonus, they are on sale right now for $27.94 (down from $42.99)


My Shoe Hobby

I recently bought gold sandals that are comparable to these, but at a somewhat higher price point...I wish I had seen these lisa b. ones first! They don't come in gold, but they do have lots of great color choices.

Free Time?

The guys who did this clearly have way too much time on their hands, but it is a pretty funny prank. The PinkPrankProject involved 5 friends with 6 hours and a lot of pink paper. Their friend Jacob went to New York for a week and they got his keys and turned his flat into a pink paradise...they wrapped everything he owned in pink paper, including the food in his refrigerator. His reaction must have been priceless...check out their site to see the video and pictures of the prank.


Diaper Bag Necessity

My gift of choice for new parents (especially first timers) has been babysparewear®. When your child spits up (or worse), you can give them a wardrobe change in anything from basic black to a super cute design such as the hummingbird one shown here. There is simply no need to dress your fashion forward tot in the wrinkled onesie at the bottom of your diaper bag! Each nylon travel case comes with a short sleeve shirt, a long sleeve shirt and a matching pair of pants in newborn sizes up to 4T. Check out their clearance section for great prices on past styles. They also offer free gift wrapping and free shipping!

For all readers of The Ferret...Online, they are offering a discount.
Use the code ferret for 10% off all orders placed at the babysparewear site until 8.31.07.


Cute Cards

Although I never seem to receive or send letters anymore, I do love paper! And, I love having great cards for the few times I do send snail mail. If I had these cute notecards from Dewdrop, Inc., I might write more letters...they come in the silver box shown in the picture and I love their simple single letter monogram. Don't forget to use your fabulous iomoi labels to dress up the envelope.


Ferret Mission for my Godson's Gift

The Mission:

Bari says: I need help finding the perfect gift for my one year old godson. When I used to shop for his older brother, it was easy. I feel like I have already bought everything for the older one that I would be buying for the younger one and I'm sure he will get the hand-me-downs. Please find me the perfect gift for his bedroom. You have a $100 budget...

The Solution:

What do you think about this cute chair from Land of Nod? I think it is adorable and is on sale for $99.

The Feedback:

WOW!! You are good.. and quick...that is perfect :)


And, another good label option...

I have seen my sister write the names of her sons on their bottles and cups with a Sharpie marker only to have the ink wear off with time. She also bought some really cute labels...a better option than the ink, but they too show signs of wear after time. Thanks to my friend Jenny, I heard about BumpyName Orbit Labels. They are a non-toxic rubber like bands that fit around a bottle or cup. You can even leave them on the bottle in the dishwasher. They have 225 name choices, but you can personalize them if you have uncommon names like my sister and I had growing up...

I'm allergic to...

What a smart idea...my cousin Nancy's son Max has allergies and I know it has been nervewracking for her with teachers and other childcare professionals. These labels seem like a great idea to remind people what exactly he is allergic to and can be used on anything.


Must purchase now!

Hobo International - Lauren (Sage Vintage Leather) - Handbags

My friend Nicole knows how much I love handbags and told me about the Hobo International Lauren wallet/clutch that she was going to buy. It is really great she said...comes in great colors...has two separate compartments with snap closures and a zipper and card slots in the middle...the kind of thing that could be used all the time as a wallet, but could also be taken out of your bag for a night on the town and used as a clutch...and, could hold your lipstick and keys.

Well, I never ordered one...but, I finally saw hers and she was totally right...it is great. Check it out at Zappos - they have several images so you can see it from all angles.

Two Bite Brownies

I like to pretend that my friend Tanya's longtime friend Steph is really my friend...

In another shameless attempt to steal her...the fabulous Blonde Bombshell, Steph told me about these brownies.

Mari's New York has very unique flavors and fantastic packaging. I can't wait to try them!

Liquid Eyeliner...sort of...

After giving up (at least temporarily) on eyeliner, I bought a few cool makeup brushes to apply eyeshadow as an eyeliner...I have a M·A·C brush that works pretty well, but the Trish McEvoy one is a little bit more tricky because you have to get the brush wet, but not too wet...this product from Urban Decay seems to have the same effect, but appears to be much easier to use.


8 Ball Alternatives

I have a magic 8 ball on my desk, but it is so boring and predictable. I think either of these two would be so much more fun!

Answer Me Jesus™ has 20 different responses...including such goodies as: Let me ask my dad, I died for this?, for Christ sake and Sinner.

The sarcastic ball has great responses for "those days": Ask me if I care, in your dreams and who cares?


Fresh Marinara

I'm always looking for cute housewarming gift ideas. I think this grow your own marinara kit is a super cute idea.


Oops, she did it again!

I love Pamela Barsky's snarky luggage tags and now she has won me over once again with these cute garden stakes. I wonder if the grow dammit one would help with my two brown thumbs. A set of 6 can be found at Uncommon Goods for $12.


Small Changes

In the spirit of the Live Earth concert today, I would like to tell you about a great site with daily tips for making small changes in your life to make a difference. You can sign up on the Ideal Bite site for daily tips, but I will also include their daily tips on this site on the right column of this site.

Ideal Bite


This is hilarious! This site has very cute pacifiers with sayings like the one seen here, but you can also personalize your own...or, for the baby who has everything, you can get the $17,000 diamond pacifier.


Ferret Mission: Lalique Rings

The Mission:

Saida says, "I have been searching for a retailer (preferably online) that sells the rings. I found a site once but it had no shopping options."

The Solution:

The 1931 classic Lalique Cabochon ring retails for $225 and can be found online at The Addison Collection. They can also be found at CrayonSoup for the same price, but CrayonSoup carries a size 9 ring - one size larger than Addison.

Short Stories

I love Laura Zeck's short stories. You can create an original piece of artwork using Laura's etchings to tell your story. Laura is just as pleasant and easy to work with as she is talented.


Better Booster

Mary Stuart stumbled across this today in the Home & Garden section of the New York Times. Check it out...it is a great alternative to a booster seat. Such a great idea...wish I had thought of it. It is spring-loaded and attaches to most chairs to raise the chair and not the child. This seems so much more safe than the booster seats that fit on top of a chair...those always seem to slide around...it will be available mid-August, but you can pre-order one on the Kaboost site. Their site is great too...very clean and easy to navigate.

I smell so yummy

My new favorite friend Kailey introduced me to Tom Ford's Black Orchid Perfume. I really like it...when you first put it on, it is a little overwhelming...there is kind of a lot going on and you can't really tell what you are smelling, but then it settles down and is just kind of sweet. For big spenders, you can still buy the limited-edition Lalique perfume bottle for $600, but the rest of us the other bottles are much more reasonably priced.


No explanation needed...just great television

This is for you Meryl

My sister was upset with my recent coffee with a gnome post because apparently gnomes "freak her out"...I think she might find this one pretty cute though...


Tiny runny noses

My poor nephew, Zachary has had the same cold for at least a month...he has the cutest bedroom with animals painted on the walls, but his ugly humidifier ruins the whole look...this Froggie Humidifier would match the decor so much better!

Mustard...on my feet?

I love mustard...yellow mustard, brown mustard, stone ground...you get the idea...I don't know if I've ever met a mustard I didn't like. And, with my love of products, it was very exciting for me to hear about Davies Gate Mustard Seed Foot Serum. According to the company, it increases circulation and relieves tired feet. I think I need to add this to my products to try list.


Great News!

I love Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products. I can't live without the soap - it really cleans my hands without leaving them too dry. They are running a summer sale. 20% off all products until 7.13.07.

Political Mugs

Are the 2008 elections really less than a year and a half away? The debates and coverage have already begun...for now, you can participate with a Democrat or Republican mug...they also come in glasses.