Tacky or Cute?

According to Mary Stuart, wine charms are tacky...but, her family ends up getting their wine glasses mixed up...I wonder if these are tacky enough that they are actually acceptable to use...they have four themes and come 11 to a pack...

Toasts- Prosit!, Down the Hatch!, Mazel Tov!, Cin Cin!, Kanpai!, A Votre Sante!, Slainte!, Cheers!, Bottoms Up!, Salud!, Na Zdrowie!
Comments- sturdy, opulent, rich, supple, immature, overpriced, volatile, vintage, earthy, ripe, formidable
Euphemisms- woozy, puzzled, befuddled, light-headed, boisterous, tipsy, glassy, obstreperous, fractios, bemused, unglued
Reviews- subtle but noseworthy, lingers on your palate, fruity firm & well-packed, delivery complexity, nutty with a kick, modest yet confident, easily approchable, mellow but charming, mild yet not bland, undemanding yet delivers, competent but laid-back


MaryStuart said...

Well Ilene... I think these are great, but I think the problem in my family may run deaper than just keeping track of the wine glass. We would then forget which wine tag belonged to us. I think it's us not the wine glasses.