My name on a sticker...finally!

As kids, my sister and I never found our names on cute stickers, pencils, key chains or mini car tags...not a huge market for Meryl or Ilene...our friends with more common names had a much easier time! Even though we knew our names would not be there, we still looked...that must explain why I love putting my name on things now as an adult...


Just the way I like it

A few weeks ago, I posted information about custom shoes...you really can customize anything you want these days...M&M'S®, Heinz® ketchup and mustard and even Kleenex®. Very cool!


Funky Feet

I'm a bit of a germaphobe...I've previously admitted as much...which is why Susann knew I would love these...and, she was right. Now that the weather is so warm, I live in flip flops...so, I would have to go barefoot through the security line...I've seen the news reports...that floor is FUNKY! It might be a little dorky to bring these with you, but I'd rather look silly than get some unidentifiable foot fungus!

Speaking of Germs...

I read about this company on a Daily Candy email...You can use their encasements on your pillows, mattress, box spring, duvet and crib to keep out dust mites. If they can protect me from mites, I don't really care how they do it, but you can find out more information about the technology behind their MicronOne™ fabric on their site.


Moving Chalkboard

This is brilliant...peel and stick chalkboard...they are sold in 9x12 panels and can be moved anywhere...much better than chalkboard paint!


Small Sips

These little animal mugs are so cute...I know they are made for kids, but I think they are so fun, I would like to have a set of my own!


Who is it from?

I can never seem to find a gift enclosure when I am wrapping presents...I end up doing something silly like cutting out a square of the excess wrapping paper...fine, but a little cheesy...these are super cute enclosure cards...


Coffee with a gnome

I love this site and the cute gnome china they sell, but my personal favorite is this creamer...too fun!


Happy Birthday Noah

No, it isn't Noah's birthday, but he will think it is...I found a cool tee that he will love!

You can get it at Ichabods Clothing...and feel good about it too. They are from New Orleans and were affected by Hurricane Katrina...they will donate $2 from each sale to charity.

Affordable...not cheap...

I took a wine tasting class and know a little about wine, but still prefer to pick my wine based entirely on the label...so, the wine I buy is occasionally a tad cheaper more affordable than my guests might be accustomed to drinking...so, I like to dress up my bottles with cute accessories making fun of my cheap wine. These are two of my favorites...


Weebles Wobble...

How's this for a new drinking game?

Drink until you can get these bobble bottle openers to fall down. I guarantee you'll fall down before they do!


Hallmark Alternative

The ease of email use has decreased the amount of personal mail I send and receive. And, I actually do like snail mail...but, I rarely take the time to write a letter. I could send a card though...Notepolish Paperie has a cute set of cards to help alleviate the problem...the cards have a detachable postcard...you can even stamp and address it to ensure it comes back to you. These cards come in a birthday collection as well.

Check out the rest of the site too...they have a collection of cards for guys with a years worth of cards for every holiday they might...I mean will forget...

Mascara Tips

As I recently mentioned, I take my mascara very seriously, but I'm really a Maybelline girl and rarely try other brands. However, today Ariane suggested that I try two Neutrogena ones that she loves...

"The weightless mascara is amazing...glides on cleanly and doesn't smudge. I have to curl my lashes and they don't droop after i put it on..."

"There is also a lash tint which is great for summer...it just darkens the lashes and doesn't smudge...it is very light, but makes them very black..."


Stylish Notes

I always need to jot things down and if I can find a pad of paper, I can't find a pen...you get the idea. This cute vintage wallpaper pad and pencil should remedy that...and, as a bonus, it takes me back to my youth...it is almost exactly the wallpaper I had growing up...it perfectly matches our old Harvest Yellow appliances.


Yummy Pie...and Clean Hands

Tanya bemoaned her cherry pitting "war wounds" to me the other day. She made a delicious pie, but had red stains all over her hands...I thought surely there must be an easier way...I've never made a pie, much less tried to pit cherries to use for anything other than eating, but this seems like a best practice to me!


What ever happened to Charles Chips?

I don't know the background on these chips and I honestly don't remember if they are any good or not...I do know that we always bought them when we went to the beach. I came across them today and was overcome with nostalgia...I loved going to the beach with my family and eating these and can't decide if I should try them (and possibly be disappointed) or just hold on to the memories of my youth...


Vroom Vroom

My very independent nephew prefers to feed himself...he won't let me feed him - even if he gets food all over the place...and, even if I make cute airplane noises...I think this spoon might help!


Maybelline...Always Dependable

I love mascara...I have no problem going out without wearing makeup, but I do try to at least wear mascara...and curl my eyelashes.

This has always been my old standby...still works and is always a classic.

Then, I discovered this tiny brush. I really love it too!

And now, my latest Maybelline mascara.

When you pull the wand out of the tube, you can hear it wiping the excess mascara off...the bristles are pretty cool too. I don't know if it makes my lashes longer or fuller, but I am definitely adding this to my regular mascara rotation!


Hostess with the "Mostess"

I am tired of taking a bottle of wine or flowers to someone who has me over for dinner. I like bringing a nice bottle of olive oil or vinegar, but I am really in love with these bottles of honey. I think they would make a nice hostess gift. They come in great flavors and they also sell gift sets that look wonderful.


Father's Day Ferret Mission

The Mission:
I was spending some time on your blog today and I love it! I'm emailing because I need you to ferret out where I can order organic beef to be delivered by Father's Day. I know it's a tight turnaround so if you can't do it, no worries.

The Solution:

This place looks like they do 2 day shipping...and, they have a number if you need it faster...

You can also do 2nd day air here.

I really like this one - I saw several other organic beef sellers who mentioned that they had partnered with Diamond Organics...they have lots of products and overnight shipping!

The Conclusion:
You are amazing! I googled and yahoo'd and didn't find any of these and I think I'm a pretty decent googler.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

Custom Kicks

Have you ever found a pair of shoes that you just love, but wish you could get them in a different color combination? This list is not comprehensive by any means...just a small selection of online sites for customizing your footwear...but, it is pretty cool to design your own!


Future Hipsters in a Flat World

Being an Anglophile and "the cool aunt", these little kicks are very appealing to me...my nephew would be so cute in these!


Not Your Father's Ant Farm

Times have changed quite a bit since the old days of the old Uncle Milton's Ant Farm. This gel ant farm was based on a NASA experiment. It is pretty cool...and, they have cool accesories like an illuminator to watch them crawl and dig in the dark...


For a Stressful Day

According to Tanya, this is a must have for my desk because "nothing feels better than abusing children"...


________ of the Month Club

Father's Day seems like a tough holiday to buy a gift for...a monthly gift club is always a safe bet. This site has so many options...BBQ sauce, beer, cake, flowers, fruit, lobster, salsa, tea and wine. My personal favorite one is the Hot Sauce of the Month Club.

Tacky or Cute?

According to Mary Stuart, wine charms are tacky...but, her family ends up getting their wine glasses mixed up...I wonder if these are tacky enough that they are actually acceptable to use...they have four themes and come 11 to a pack...

Toasts- Prosit!, Down the Hatch!, Mazel Tov!, Cin Cin!, Kanpai!, A Votre Sante!, Slainte!, Cheers!, Bottoms Up!, Salud!, Na Zdrowie!
Comments- sturdy, opulent, rich, supple, immature, overpriced, volatile, vintage, earthy, ripe, formidable
Euphemisms- woozy, puzzled, befuddled, light-headed, boisterous, tipsy, glassy, obstreperous, fractios, bemused, unglued
Reviews- subtle but noseworthy, lingers on your palate, fruity firm & well-packed, delivery complexity, nutty with a kick, modest yet confident, easily approchable, mellow but charming, mild yet not bland, undemanding yet delivers, competent but laid-back


Future Hipster

I know a very fiesty 4 year old boy who would get such a kick out of this kite! Tanya's son Noah loves fun and funky skater clothes and gear and will think this is cool to fly with his dad in the park.


Axis of Evil Tees

Fashion statement or political statement? These tees (along with many others at Dangerous Breed) are sure to cause people to look twice at what you are wearing.


Mission Update

I was previously sent on a mission to find tees for a 7 year old girl that are hip without making her look like a Britney Spears wannabe...I found a new site to add to that list.

Juvie Shop...clothes and gifts for older kids. They have great hip clothes in sizes 7-14.


So Cute

I've previously posted miniature things and the gallon of TABASCO®. I came across these giant Smarties today on Shop at Moxie and, they are totally correct...when you take something and make it tiny or huge, it is so much more cute!


Put a little spice in your life

Miniature bottles of tabasco and a gallon of tabasco...really nothing more needs to be said.


Soft skin, pretty hair and yummy smells

I love trying new beauty products...makeup, lotions, hair gels and all other fun potions. It is really fun to have friends who share this love. Nicole is usually up for it, but for the last few years she has been on an all natural kick...good for her, but not as much fun for me because I love all products - cheap or expensive. Tanya is another fun product sampler, but she is much smarter than me...right now she is on the "budget plan". And, then there is Pauline. Pauline is and always will be my partner in crime. We have spent and will continue to spend hours upon hours staring at the shelves at Ricky's NYC.

Out of nowhere, Susann has become a product junkie! Thrilling for me, but she is far too practical to let it get to the Ilene/Pauline level...However, she did just introduce me to a great new line called L'Avenir. Susann sent me the Healfast Dermasolve that she learned about during a trip to New York. It has worked great on my overly dry knees and elbows. They also have a product that I am dying to try called Instant Manicure.