We are the littles...

I love travel sized products...I know it is little ridiculous to spend money on the small bottles when I could get a cheap reusable travel bottle at a drugstore...I find that the plastic bottles leak, so I like the disposable travel products. This site has a great selection and would be perfect if they had a miniature bottle of Witch Hazel.


Anonymous said...

I noticed they have care packages to send to our military. Here is a way to support our troups stationed overseas: Go to www.anysoldier.com and click on 'where to send.' You can then send one of those care packages straight to an enlisted soldier of your choosing. You could also create your own care package, which is probably less expensive (see below for comment on my frugality). They make requests on the website, but it's pretty fun getting creative with the care packages.


It's definitely legitimate. I have been doing this for several years.