Spice up your boring black luggage

How many times have you stood at the luggage carousel and watched someone pick up your bag and look at the luggage tag to see if it is theirs? Yes, on the surface all black bags look alike, but check out the wheels...are they internal or external? What about the handle? The exterior pockets? The large pink luggage tag on mine...translation - that is not your bag, buddy! Clearly, I need to spell it out a bit more...like these luggage tags from Pamela Barsky. They are on sale right now at Wishing Fish.


rose said...

i have these and feel i should point out that they do not hold up well under the stress of travel. they are really just cardboard. i don't travel a lot so mine are ok. but for the serious traveler, these are strictly for fun. which i guess was obvious anyway. i laugh every time i see one on one of my bags! Doesn't get old!