Am I Missing Something?

The United States Post Office has released a "Forever Stamp"...the current price to mail a letter just increased to 41 cents (same price as the forever stamp). The forever stamp essentially locks in your purchase rate. So, if I have hundreds of 41 cent forever stamps, they can still be used...even if the rate was $1. I don't quite understand the rationale behind this. It seems to me that people will just stock up on these stamps. And, why would anyone buy a stamp other than this? They are all the same price. But, the larger issue for me is that it is a stupid business decision. I have several old 37 cent stamps (stamps have gone up twice since)...as do many people I know. And, they like me do not have the 1 or 2 cent stamps to make up the difference, so they end up using two stamps or even throwing them away...it would seem to me that the post office is making money one someone using two stamps to mail one letter or throwing them away so they can get more at the higher rate...but, maybe I'm just missing something...