I could have been a billionaire

This just the kind of thing that annoys me...a super simple idea that I could/should have thought of...it is actually pretty funny and could potentially save or end a marriage. The company that makes this has lots of great products for a dorky anal retentive person like me.


Anonymous said...

She does not exxagerate. Our fair ferret cannot be stumped. One time, she sent me a site that sells all pug stuff. Another time, it was Shakespeare stuff. And don't even get me started on how often she has wardrobed me online (still not gonna wear ballet slippers,though).

Good blog, Ilene. I would enjoy you posting some of your rants, though. And not just because that means you won't rant to me about the topic of the day.

rose said...

I LOVE Knock Knock. I gave gag gifts from them to my office mates last year for Christmas. Big hits! Ilene will not steer you wrong!