I need a few spoons

A new Ben & Jerry's flavor was revealed last night.  The Tonight Dough  - caramel and chocolate ice creams with chocolate cookie swirls, chocolate cookie dough and peanut butter cookie dough.  It sounds like a whole lot going on, but I should probably do a taste taste just to make sure. And, while I'm at it, I should probably try the new Wayne'Swirled.  


Who doesn't have Amazon Prime?

If, for some strange reason you don't have Amazon Prime, you should sign up for it on Saturday, January 24th when the price is reduced from $100 a year to $72 a year (for the first year only).  It is amazing - free 2 day shipping plus tons of movie and tv show options, including Golden Globe winner Transparent.  I haven't seen it yet, but am definitely planning on checking it out one of these days. 


Egg-cellent eggs

I boil a lot of eggs in my house. A lot of eggs.  My sister does too.  We also have contests to see who can boil the perfect egg.  If I'm being honest, it is more about how easy the egg is to peel than it is about how well the yolk is cooked.  So, we have contests to see who has "prettier" eggs.  We've tried several different methods all with somewhat spotty results.  It seems to just be luck when we get perfect eggs.  Until recently! I found the Cuisinart Egg Cooker on Amazon (my favorite site) and decided we should try it.  My sister was the guinea pig.  After thoroughly researching it and reading a ton of reviews, we learned that people love it.  We also learned that the fat part of the egg is the top (what?) which is important to know when using the egg cooker.  So...my sister got hers in the mail last night and immediately texted me pictures of her perfect eggs.  This little device (smaller than it looks in the pictures) cooked ten perfect eggs in ten minutes! They were so beautiful that I quickly ordered mine and will have it in my hot little hands on Thursday...


Finally went for the silly sphere

I have resisted buying eos lip balm for several years.  It just seemed too trendy for me and I didn't feel the need to buy what everyone was buying.  My sister resisted too for somewhat similar reasons...the egg shaped container really annoyed her. 

I broke down a picked one up one day on a whim.  And...shocker...I loved it.  My sister tried mine and she loved it too.  So much so that she picked up a 5 Pack of it last week.  

It really is good stuff...trust my sister and me...we clearly overthink our lip balm choices!


Secret socks

I visited my sister at work yesterday and her friend Pam told me about Blue Q socks.  And...they are pretty awesome.  The messages are hilarious and say exactly what you are thinking some of the time, but may not say out loud.  Unless you are my sister or me.  If you, unlike us, actually have a filter, these socks are perfect for you.  It is kind of like a secret joke between you and your shoes.  A small portion goes to Doctors Without Borders too...bonus!



Read my Taylor Swift post from a few weeks ago and then watch this video from Saturday Night Live.  Love it!


Funny name...great product

 So...I was visiting my friend Pauline this week-end and she asked me if I owned a Veggetti.  "I think that is a personal question," I replied to her.  Cue 12 year old boy sounding giggles.  She then showed it to me - it is a vegetable slicer for making carb-free pasta.  What does that really mean? It means you can take a zucchini and throw it in the Vegetti and voila! You have zucchini pasta.  We tried it out and it works well.  You won't fool yourself into thinking it is pasta, but the end product is pretty good and gives you something pasta doesn't give you (unless you under cook it)...a nice subtle crunch!