Don't chop your finger

How do you not love a cutting board that brings out your inner OCD? It has instructions on the board with information about different cuts and the size of cuts.  Love it!


Late to the game

My friend Nicole has been telling me for years that I really need to watch Game of Thrones.  I knew it was going to be good, but didn't have HBO when it first started and just never took the time to start the series once I did get it.  I finally started watching it last week.  And, after a rainy week-end in Atlanta, I am totally caught up on the whole show! 

If you haven't watched it, you should definitely start now and don't stop until you get up to date.  It really is worth the hype.

Thanks, Nicole.  I'll pay better attention to you next time. xoxo!


Looking good at the gym

Have you heard about Fabletics? My sister just told me about it.  You fill out a brief lifestyle quiz and they pick out workout outfits for you.  I haven't received my package yet, but read a few reviews and hear the quality is really good.  And, quite affordable! If you join as a VIP, they will select an outfit once a month and charge you $49.95 (you can skip or cancel your monthly shipment if you want) or as a regular member and pick your own outfit.  Do what I'm doing and try it out - the first outfit is half the price.


Blink blink...batting away at you

As I am pretty fickle with my mascara favorites, I will try any mascara out there...especially if it is NEW.  My current fave is Maybelline's Falsies.  It really does make my lashes look amazing and totally deserves to use the name Falsies.


Prime me up

I haven't tried this primer yet, but my sister swears by it.  She doesn't share my love of makeup, but since purchasing this primer, she has actually started using the eye shadow she has in her makeup bag.  I will be trying it soon - the fact that she uses it regularly is enough of an endorsement for me!


I hear you, mom!

This mug showed up as a "suggested item" on a search engine.  Has my mother been sending her subtle reminder messages to my computer too?


Classing up the Joint

I wish I had these amazing Solo Cup Wine Glasses when I was in college.  They would have made the White Zinfandel I was drinking out of a box taste so much better!